Today, a backpack is undoubtedly the most necessary accessory for a city dweller. The modern pace of life requires you to have a laptop, phone, charger, headphones, wallet, umbrella and many small things that will be needed during the working day.

Therefore, a significant advantage of a backpack is its capacity. At the same time, your hands remain free, and this is very important if you travel by motorcycle, scooter or bicycle. Conventionally, backpacks can be divided into two types: tourist (sports) and urban. In the first version, developers pay attention to durability and functionality, in the second — to style and design.

We will tell you how to choose a city backpack for men. If you need a backpack for work, then you need to focus on strict models with a laptop compartment. If you need an urban men’s backpack for a student, then more youthful models with bright colors and prints are suitable, but here it is purely individual, it may be worth considering more strict options. The shape of the backpack should correspond to the configuration and height of the person. For convenience, choose wide shoulder straps and a soft orthopedic back, this will evenly distribute the load on your back. Also pay attention to ease of access and organization of space — the key to order in a backpack. If your work involves frequent trips by public transport or long walks around the city, then the best option would be a backpack made of leather or water-repellent material, as well as with a USB connector for quickly recharging your smartphone.

What to wear and how to combine a men’s backpack? Of course, a backpack can be worn under any image, the main thing is to combine things correctly.

The easiest way to combine a backpack is a casual casual style. Jeans or casual pants, a T-shirt or sweatshirt, sneakers or sports shoes, a bomber or jacket, go well with a man’s urban backpack. You can not be limited to style, shape or color. Even a sports backpack will fit into a casual casual look.

Under a business suit, you need to select a plain backpack, strict in shape. Bright colors and prints should be avoided. Genuine leather backpacks go well with the suit. With a classic coat, as well as with a business suit, you should stick to plain patterns and strict forms.

With a leather jacket, you can combine both a leather and a textile backpack. If the style of the jacket is casual, then there are no restrictions on the choice, backpacks of non-standard shapes and bright colors will perfectly complement your look. With a classic leather jacket, the backpack should be more strict and solid.

The backpack can be worn with any look, both business and casual. Don’t pair only leather backpacks with a beach look, formal backpacks with a sporty style, there are no more restrictions.

In conclusion. Why is it still a men’s backpack, and not a bag or briefcase? Because the backpack is roomy, functional, more comfortable to wear. With him, hands are free, and the back does not get tired. In addition, manufacturers have developed a wide variety of designs, which allows this accessory to be used in all areas of life: from tourism and sports, to shopping, city walks and informal meetings. In all its diversity, you can easily choose a model for yourself and your needs. Be stylish and good luck!

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