How to choose a backpack for moms or a city backpack?


Nowadays, there is a wide selection of accessories for women, including backpacks for moms. How to choose such an assistant who will last for several years and will delight every day?

The first thing you should pay attention to is versatility. A versatile backpack to come in handy at different stages of life. One women’s backpack can combine mom backpack, city backpack, travel backpack, fitness sports backpack, maternity bag.

When a girl is in the status of a young mother, the accessory should contain the necessary baby accessories, be light in weight, maintain posture and be easy to wash and iron in case of contamination. Has the baby grown? The backpack will accommodate the necessary fitness accessories — uniforms, shoes, a bottle and other training accessories. Also, the backpack will be convenient to take on the plane as hand luggage, it turns out that it is also a travel backpack. This accessory is worth buying.

Second, look at the dimensions of the accessory. Everyone has different figures, but the load is the same, no one wants to carry a couple of extra kilograms on themselves. Choose a medium-sized women’s backpack made from modern materials, such as a material with a water-repellent impregnation, so that the backpack repels moisture from snow or rain. Textile material is considered the lightest and most practical, some types of material can be ironed, these are the technologies of 2021.

Third, keep an eye on trends and colors, because if you choose a backpack for mom and baby, it plays the role of not only an assistant, but an accessory that will delight the eye every day. So backpacks are chosen according to the color of the stroller or the color of the outerwear.
If you are considering an urban backpack, then choose the universal colors that prevail in your wardrobe.

When choosing a women’s backpack, look at the seams and workmanship, in no case do not take models with glued parts, unfortunately, this happens. Glue may be toxic. We have repeatedly encountered analogues of our accessories, bought from unscrupulous suppliers in China, sewn from cheap material and crooked seams and glue.
When choosing an assistant for many years, pay attention to the value for money. However, it’s not always worth paying extra for extra features like a USB port, moisture pockets, etc. Think about how important this really is to you.

The JULIARS brand tried to develop an accessory that combines all the above nuances and developed a backpack for moms and girls that will stay with you for a long time, turning from a backpack for moms into an everyday backpack for women and children. When you buy a JULIARS maternity backpack, you get a thermal bottle cover, stroller hooks and a water-repellent diaper that will come in handy at any time of your trip.


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