How the cat and I chose a brush to remove hair

My cat is very smart, and I often consult with him. Say strange? Not at all. In any case, no more strange than consulting with many of the people. At least, I have never received stupid advice from a cat.

This time, I was completely fed up with the hair of my cat, which accumulated, accumulated, and, it seems, has already spread throughout the apartment: on furniture, blankets, clothes … it seems, and a little, but everywhere, and you can’t remove every hair by hand . If you ask what breed my Chuk is (and the name is not stupid, just unique!), then I, perhaps, will answer that it is fluffy and eccentric. Outbred, in general, but handsome.

So what am I… oh yes, wool. I decided that I lacked some nice and effective brush to remove all this hair, and indeed, all sorts of specks, pile … For this purpose, I climbed into the Internet. That is, we climbed with the cat, of course. I started reading — dear mother! What kind of brushes are not on sale: both double-sided, and colored, and rotating — in general, for every taste.

I stuck there for a long time, but the furniture itself will not be cleaned of wool, so I still had to make a choice in the end. Such a cute brush, albeit not very cheap, but with a nozzle in the form of a cat’s face — cute, and nothing more! She decided to buy. The cat, however, for some reason remained indifferent to the photograph of the brush. But maybe he just doesn’t consider his hair a problem, I thought and ordered this brush.

Well, what can I say … the brush turned out to be beautiful, light, and even self-cleaning, the bristles are soft — grace. I managed to clean the sofa and my two coats, and she cleaned herself great, you can’t say anything. Cleaning went with a bang as many as three times! And then, to my great chagrin, the cat’s muzzle-tip broke and fell off. The cat snorted contemptuously and went to the computer. The hint is understood, we start looking again.

The second brush was hoo. It wasn’t a brush, it was just a brush! Four times heavier, almost entirely made of wood, I decided that I needed a reliable thing. I forgot to look at the cat in my excitement. He didn’t give any signal. I attributed this to the fact that he probably had breath in his goiter with delight. And it was necessary to look at the cat, it was necessary. He must have been rolling his eyes. The brush soon arrived at my place, and with it it was possible not only to clean everything, but also to beat someone, if it was thoroughly applied to the head. There were associations with steelworkers and Chelyabinsk peasants. I think that this brush can last a hundred years. BUT! If you rub well, the sofa can be completely erased in about thirty minutes. In chips. The bristles turned out to be tough — horror. What kind of bed linen is there, what fabrics are there … The cat lay on its back and whinnied.

For the third time, I carefully looked at my cat and poked a finger into each brush I liked. This? Not? How about this one? Finally, Chuk reluctantly raised his paw and waved it towards the screen. And what, very even in appearance!

What I finally got from the delivery service: a beautiful light double-sided brush in the color of my choice with a very comfortable handle with a slot (in order to hang on a hook). She cleans absolutely everything, not a single hair is left. I think it doesn’t matter what kind of pets you have, dogs, cats, because in addition to my cat’s hair, the brush does an excellent job with any villi, hair, small debris (within reason!). After the second killer brush, I began to clean my sofa with caution, but the bristles are so delicate that when cleaning it does not damage the surface and does not spoil it at all.

I cleared EVERYTHING! All clothes, curtains, bed linen, upholstered furniture — in a word, complete versatility. I really liked the self-cleaning loop: pull it lightly — and you’re done. Quality, no doubt. My pet squinted and even seemed to wink: I told you!

In general, I already bought the same brushes for my mother and sister. Both of them liked the gifts, although I did not expect otherwise. True, my sister does not have a cat, but she is an avid motorist and holds a good position in the bank — she should always look at her best. So Dasha immediately threw the brush into her glove compartment of the car and now she is not afraid of any villi and dust particles. Everyone is happy, especially me. Thanks Chuku!

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