Advantages and disadvantages on the example of the Lezter brand

It should be noted that some pets leave a lot of wool around the apartment. This is not only unhygienic, but in some cases can cause allergies. Combing gloves come to the rescue.

According to consumer feedback, there are practically no shortcomings in this device. The thing is, pets constantly in need of grooming.

The wool combing glove saves them from stress, as the animals are not afraid, watching only the owner’s hand. Other advantages of the device include comfort and convenience, the ability to remove a large amount of wool. Silicone nozzles located in the palm area help to get rid of tangles as accurately as possible.

Experts note that proper care of pets can increase their life expectancy.

Massage effect

Silicone pimples have a beneficial effect on the animal’s body. The fact is that the effect can be compared with massage. The fur becomes more silky, as blood flow to the skin improves, respectively, the nutrition of the roots becomes more active. Wool begins to grow faster.

The coat of the animal begins to look much better, while the skin is not injured. Combing removes impurities. It also helps improve blood circulation.

Terms of use

The use of a combing glove does not cause difficulties for pet owners. Pets most often come to a real delight from the procedure. Silicone tips massage delicate skin, and the hair removal process is gentle and painless.

You need to start from the head. Usually animals like such manipulations and they sit still. Anxiety may arise when the owner begins to process the inner thighs. If the pet began to get angry, scratching should be stopped and distracted, trying again later.

It is not necessary to squeeze the pet between the legs, this can cause him discomfort or even pain.

After combing is over, the hair should be carefully removed from the glove. After that, you need to wash the device in warm water with the addition of soap and rinse thoroughly.

Selection rules

When buying a wool combing glove, pay attention to the following points.

  • Product form. It comes in the form of gloves and mittens. Choose the one that is more convenient for you.
  • Arm fastening. The accessory must be securely attached to the brush with Velcro or a strap.
  • Functions. Most of these products are intended not only for combing wool, but also for massaging the pet’s skin, stimulating blood circulation and exfoliating dead particles of the epidermis.
  • Manufacturing material. The working surface of the glove is most often rubber or rubber, the product itself is textile. The teeth of the comb are rounded to achieve a better massage effect and improve the tactile sensations of the animal.

It is also worth noting that the procedure is absolutely safe and is not capable of injuring the skin.

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