5 tricks for a stylish look

Fashion changes every day, styles, trends, colors, styles. We bring to your attention 5 simple tricks to look stylish:

1. Layering. Dressing in layers has never gone out of fashion, it is especially convenient to do this in the cold and unstable season — when, if desired, this or that thing can be removed at any time.

2. Bag and shoes in different colors. A stylish trick is to choose shoes not to match the color of the bag, but to match the decor, embroidery or other accents that adorn your favorite accessory. Also, the bag and shoes can have a contrasting color, such a stylistic approach for the most trendy and creative people.

3. Different material density. A versatile and stylish solution for summer is a set of a shirt and a pair of denim trousers. You can easily style any type of jeans in this way, because it’s versatile and easy.

4. Jackets with lining and coat hangers In addition to completing the look, fashionable jackets and blazers for women will help to perfectly warm up in the cool time of the day, while at the same time adding sophistication to women’s looks.

5. Suits Linen suits are truly a classic, which is always relevant. It is not only fashionable and stylish, but also environmentally friendly, because linen is a biodegradable material.

Now you can easily combine your wardrobe in style and always look 100%.

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