Women’s top: how to choose the right one?

Top or topic — will certainly be found in the wardrobe of girls and women. A universal thing, regardless of age and physique. With them it is easy to create an image — a strict business or bright evening. But in order for a thing to please, it is important to choose a top according to the rules.

How to choose and with what to wear women’s tops, we will tell in this article.

When it comes to tops, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, women’s sports tops. The fashion world has developed rapidly in this direction, so manufacturers and suppliers do not get tired of pleasing with new models. Among the tops, the following types are in great demand:

• Women’s evening tops — on thin straps, made in linen style from light fabrics: silk, satin, lace.
• Supportive sportswear made from stretchy eco-friendly synthetic fabrics that wick away moisture, dry quickly and allow the body to breathe.
• In a business style — no deep neckline, decorations or appliqués, made of smooth cotton jersey, often plain.
• Sports — made of smooth cotton jersey with straps, they are easy to train and comfortable to go for a walk or vacation.

Features and Pros
Tops conquer the hearts of girls not only because of their versatility. These things have many advantages that make tops an indispensable element of the wardrobe.
Here we include:
• Convenience — there are no fasteners, so the image changes in seconds.
• Comfort — the elasticity of the fabrics will make you feel confident.
• Large selection — you can choose a top according to the figure and depending on the situation.

Today, designers recommend paying attention to the following models:
• Feminine and romantic — from light fabrics, in small stripes or flowers, on the shoulder straps, meet the same lace or flounces.

• With bare shoulders — a hit of the season, which is relevant not only in summer. Monochromatic models will make up an evening ensemble in combination with trousers and a miniature handbag.

• On one shoulder — when the product has one, but wide strap, on the right or left shoulder. These options are best combined with wide oversized jeans or puffy sun skirts.

• Prints and patterns — stick with the classic stripe. This is a win-win option that is appropriate in any situation. Wear a top with a light-colored loose jacket or white jeans to create a trendy business or summer look.

• Neckline «halter», which is also called the American armhole — the neck, in turn, can be decorated with a bow or made like a stand-up collar. Such models are suitable for both skirts and trousers. A good option in the office, and in the theater, and as a daily wear.
How to choose models of tops, we will tell further.

Selection rules

To make the top look, when buying, consider some of the nuances:
1. Material — if you are allergic, give preference to natural fabrics that do not contain synthetics. Cotton, cotton jersey, linen or chintz is what will work.
2. Size — if you do not want the thing to pull the skin or the straps cut into the body, pick up the thing in the same way as you choose a bra. Measure the girth under the bust and the circumference of the chest — there will be guidelines.
3. Height — if you are not tall, you should not stop at long women’s tops, they will visually reduce your height and create a disproportionate image. In this case, pick up the classic length to the waistline.
4. Figure — thin and tall, you can wear actual crop tops, shortened and elongated. For curvaceous sizes, choose models that will not sit tight. Also, do not buy too oversized or baggy things — they will not hide problem areas, but will make the silhouette voluminous. Finally, one more nuance — decide why you are buying clothes. Rest or casual relaxed style, laconic bright models will do.

Popular Models

If we talk about the trendy models of women’s tops that designers recommend, the following stand out here:
• Crop top — cropped bottom, can be with wide or narrow straps, a chic option for summer.

Pay attention to the white cropped crop top. Turkish cotton will give tactile softness and tenderness every day

• Women’s top-shirt — a classic of the genre that does not go out of fashion and pleases the eye.
• Bando — with open shoulders, can have both a shortened bottom and a full length. In combination with wide trousers of a classic cut and an oversized jacket, it is acceptable as a business and even evening style.
• With a wide long sleeve — such models have a shortened bottom and puffy sleeves. Harmonious in sets with long skirts to the floor, jeans or trousers.

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