What should be the top, how to choose it and what to wear?


Top bra is one of the main trends of the spring-summer 2022 season. According to stylists, such a top has become a must-have thing, because it combines comfort and aesthetics.

Modern fashion is focused on comfort. Therefore, many girls choose a soft seamless top instead of underwired foam bras. At the same time, convenience and visual part are combined, which allows you to look amazing and feel confident.

Benefits of a bra top

Firstly, it is the use of modern materials in the production, which combine such qualities as:

  • strength and durability — the fabric can withstand many washes and does not change its properties;
  • elasticity — the material adheres to the body without pressure and reliably supports the chest;
  • pleasant to the touch, soft breathable fabric is suitable for sensitive skin and will not cause irritation;
  • wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly;
  • low cost and market availability.

Secondly, this a variety of styles — you can easily choose the right top for any chest size.

How to choose the right model?

A strapless bra fits small breasts well. With it, you can create spectacular stylish looks, or wear it under an open dress.

Top with thin straps is suitable for girls with small breasts.

And on wide ones — it will be convenient for girls with a large volume. This top securely fixes the chest, and the straps will not cut into the skin.

How to wear?

  • Like underwear for every day

Bra tops have a removable push-up insert, thanks to which, any thing, even from thin or tight material, will fit well. Under an open dress or sundress, the top will be invisible, thanks to the deep neckline.

  • Like a sports top

During intense training, the female breasts shift in different directions. Such vibrations stretch the ligaments. This can lead to discomfort and pain. A breast-supporting top will help reduce the amplitude of fluctuations and preserve women’s health. Together with leggings, it will make the perfect pair for intense workouts or yoga classes. The top is convenient to take to the gym, as it does not take up much space in the bag.

  • Like a basic top

This top bra can become an independent part of your wardrobe. This item is suitable for any style: office, evening, casual, for example, in combination with a trouser suit, with jeans or a skirt. In cool weather, a jacket, cardigan or shirt can be thrown over the top.

  • As home wear

Any girl wants to look spectacular not only in public, but also at home. It is enough to add comfortable trousers or shorts to the bra top — and the image for the house is ready! Soft smooth fabric will not bring discomfort during sleep.

  • Top bra — an indispensable thing on vacation

It does not hinder movement, is not felt during wear. Multifunctionality, comfortable fit, breathable fabric — you will not be distracted by trifles, but enjoy hiking in the mountains, relaxing on the beach or walking through the forest.


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