What should be the perfect gift?

What is the purpose of each of us when choosing a gift for loved ones?

Remember the last time you sat for hours and puzzled over what to give as a gift?

How to surprise a loved one, which can be useful, beautiful and not banal at the same time.

In our opinion, there are 3 main criteria when choosing a gift.

First: give positive emotions to the recipient.

Secondly: to be functional and bring comfort to life.

Thirdly: cause aesthetic pleasure.

All 3 of these requests are answered by a wine table from the Welovewood brand. Let’s take a closer look at all 3 points.

We give positive emotions

If your loved one, who is also the hero of the occasion, is fond of wine, tasting, winemaking, or just likes to spend evenings with a glass of wine and your favorite TV series, then a wine table as a gift is the exact hit on the target! It will evoke positive emotions not only at the moment of giving, but also at the moment of use. This attribute will create an indescribable entourage of a home wine ritual.

Comfort and functionality.

Everyone now strives to make their life more comfortable and surrounds themselves with objects that make it as easy as possible.

So in everything: convenient gadgets at work; in the kitchen there are toasters, grills, coffee makers and much more; in sports, wireless headphones and comfortable cases for combining sports with your favorite music.

What about leisure? Evening gatherings after a long working day or going out into the countryside with friends? It is in this area of ​​\u200b\u200blife that the wine table has no equal! Making sure the bottle doesn’t tip over and red wine ruin your sofa upholstery without always looking for a stable spot for your glass is all about the wine table. No need to carry with you from the kitchen a lot of plates with goodies for wine; for this, a snack cabinet is thought out.

Aesthetic pleasure

In addition to the desire to bring maximum functionality into their lives, many people strive to create a beautiful and unique space around them. A wine table made of natural wood with a laconic design will perfectly fit into any interior and give the evenings a unique charm.

Choosing a gift for a loved one is a quivering and exhausting process at the same time. A Welovewood wine table is a great purchase. A gift that will be used in life for a long time and will definitely not lie on a shelf gathering dust in the far corner. Wine table can be made for 2 or 4 glasses, executed in various colors. It can be foldable (for easy transportation) or stationary. You can also choose the size of the bowl yourself.

Good luck with your gifts and sincere evenings!

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