What should be an apron for a hairdresser?

Imagine for a moment a hairdresser without scissors? Hmmm.. no, that can’t be. Just like a professional apron, it is a necessary attribute for a beauty industry worker. In principle, you can do without it, but it is not at all hygienic and very inconvenient.

Let’s figure out what should be the perfect apron for a hairdresser.

An important fact that should be noted today is that real hairdressers participated in the development of the POP ART apron, its shape, details and fabric selection. And the ergonomics of the product is thought out to the smallest detail so that it is comfortable and does not irritate during use.

Why does a hairdresser need an apron, what does he give?

* The hairdresser’s apron allows you not to stain the main clothes of the master hairdresser with hair clippings and special chemicals. This is worth a lot — because professional aprons are usually made from fabric that is difficult to get dirty and easy to wash. With it there will be no problems when washing. Moreover, the fabric is made of a material that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

* At the same time, a good apron usually also has pockets that are convenient for hairdressing work. You can’t usually put scissors in a pocket on ordinary clothes, you won’t leave a few brushes in it. But on the POP ART hairdressing apron, the pockets are directly designed for this — it is convenient to work with them.


Separately, about the fabric of the apron for hairdressers POP ART.

This is a designer print, which is applied in a special way to a professional fabric. Thus, the POP ART apron will not lose its brightness even with frequent use and numerous washes for a very long time. And what is super important: paint stains will not be noticeable on bright fabric at all, and you will always look neat.

Suitable size

Of course, the size of the apron should suit you. Here, either measure or choose aprons with a known universal size, customized to any size and shape of the body.

Our apron will suit any master — both a thin girl and people with larger shapes.

Pockets for all occasions

In principle, there are professional aprons without pockets. For example, aprons for painting pockets are often not done. They’re just not that important. But in general, on most work aprons, pockets are a sign of a good idea. Only these should be the right pockets, suitable in size for hairdressing tools and conveniently located. Reaching into those pockets was actually more convenient than reaching down to a table, for example, where the tools would be without them.

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