In the production of GRIZZLY backpacks, we take into account dozens of parameters. Technologists are constantly fighting for every gram of weight. Each constructive element has its own history of appearance. And designers make sure that the appearance is in line with fashion.

Using the models from the RX, RXL, RQ and RQL series as an example, let’s look at what, in our opinion, an everyday backpack should be if you often travel around the city with it.

What should be the volume and weight of the backpack

The contents of everyday backpacks can be very different. If we are going to college, we put books and a laptop inside. In the evening, sports training — we take the form and change. There is a shopping trip ahead — you will need a large volume for products. It seems that to accommodate all this, the model must be «rubber». But no. Everything is much easier.

Usually, the internal filling of bags and backpacks is individually selected by everyone according to their needs. It is convenient for someone to have two departments, and for someone you can’t do without a third. But when choosing everyday models, this logic is not always suitable.

From practice, we know that universal models of urban backpacks should have one compartment, a voluminous patch pocket on the outside and a pocket for a laptop inside. Thanks to this, even with a small volume (15-17l) and a weight of up to 600 g, quite a lot of things fit inside.

We keep the basic parameters of universal models, and make the format so that it is convenient for you: classic (RX-114-1), with one strap (RQ-914-2) or a bag-backpack (RX-021-1 and RXL-126 -3). The products are very light, but all the necessary everyday things are placed inside.

What backpacks are more practical for trips around the city

Usually the morning starts with a trip by public transport. We go into the bus, trolleybus or tram and, in order not to disturb others, we remove the backpack from our shoulders. At the same time, you need to hold it for something — there must be a comfortable handle. Not a classic loop, but a handle.

At the end of the day we usually go to the store. There, too, it is uncomfortable to walk with a backpack over your shoulders — a convenient handle helps out. An alternative solution is models with a shoulder strap or over the shoulder. Seems like a trifle. But in public places you do not interfere with others.

The GRIZZLY collection includes women’s transformer models with a comfortable belt — RX-021-1 or two additional carrying handles — RXL-126-3. Among men’s backpacks there are models on one harness, for example, RQ-914-2.

Don’t forget about safety

Wherever we go, we always have a phone, a wallet, payment cards with us. It is inconvenient to carry in pockets. And if we want to put them in a backpack, at least two conditions must be met: quick access and protection from intruders.

Many models of GRIZZLY backpacks have a hidden pocket on the back side. We walk in public places with a backpack over our shoulders — a pocket with a wallet is adjacent to the back. Can’t get to him. By the way, if there is a phone inside, we feel vibration during a call and will not miss an important call. When we ride in public transport, we take off our backpack — we get quick access to the travel card and wallet.

There are models for every day

The daily routine on weekdays and weekends, of course, is different for us. Someone goes to clubs, and someone cannot live without a trip to a picnic and fishing. In all these cases, you can find a suitable universal backpack from the RQ or RX series.

Model RQ-915-1 is equipped with a hood. It’s removable. In everyday mode, the backpack looks like a stylish sports bag. If we are going to the countryside or passed on bad weather, it is enough to fasten the hood. Materials are treated with dirt and water-repellent impregnation. The contents of the backpack and we ourselves remain dry after the rain.

There are many stylish models that are suitable for any situation: going to college, youth party, sports training, etc. GRIZZLY designers follow fashion trends and implement them in new collections that are updated annually.

In the GRIZZLY catalog you will find the most equipped backpack for everyday trips around the city.

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