A backpack for mom is a must! Especially with the onset of the warm season, because it is in spring and summer that mother and baby often go for walks — to the park, to the playground, go on trips to different cities and countries, or just go to visit or go on a picnic. Preparing for a walk or a trip is not an easy task, because you want to take with you the necessary and useful things that are important to fit in one bag. Today we will tell you about a special backpack for moms from Yeyebaby — comfortable, roomy and so necessary.

What are the benefits of Yeyebaby backpacks?

YeyeBaby maternity backpacks are specially designed to meet the needs of women with young children. They are made of heavy-duty fabric with protection against dirt and moisture. The production uses a reinforced seam and fittings designed for thousands of cycles. The design has 9 compartments, each of which solves an important task for mom. The backpack is quite roomy: the main compartment is designed for two sets of things for two children. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of these backpacks:

  • Waterproof membrane fabric. You can not be afraid to get your backpack dirty or get caught in the rain with it, all the contents will remain dry and unharmed.
  • Separate food compartment. You do not have to look for a bottle of formula or puree in your backpack for a long time. Thanks to a separate food compartment, you can always quickly find what you need.
  • Foil thermowells. Kids on a walk often need to refresh themselves, and so that the food is always at a comfortable temperature, thermal pockets are provided in the backpack.
  • Ergonomic C-shaped shoulder straps. Thanks to the straps of this shape, your back will be less tired, and the backpack will not slip off your shoulders.
  • Ventilated back. In hot weather, wearing a backpack will be comfortable, as your back will not sweat.
  • Built-in USB port. It is convenient to charge your phone, while you can use it even if it is connected to the charger that is in the backpack.
  • Access to the lower things in the backpack through the pocket on the back. No more emptying everything out of your backpack to get to the things you put at the bottom of your backpack.
  • As many as two insulated pockets for wet things. If the baby gets dirty on a walk or gets things wet, then you can easily put them in a special insulated pocket. No more bags in your backpack!
  • Fits in hand luggage. The convenient size of the backpack allows you to take it with you in hand luggage if you often fly with your baby to different countries.
  • Pocket for laptop up to 13.6 inches or A4 document folders. Do you want to work or watch a series while the baby sleeps in the stroller? Take your laptop with you! It fits easily into a backpack, as it has a special pocket for it.
  • Eternal fasteners for the stroller. Don’t want to carry a backpack on your shoulders? Included are special eternal fasteners for the stroller.
  • Protected phone pocket. While you are with the baby, you are busy only with him, and in order to avoid trouble with the phone, the backpack has a special secure pocket for it. You no longer need to worry that you will be left without a phone!

WHAT ELSE? The signature feature is that the backpack is packed in a stylish shopping bag (always needed), and there is always a quatrefoil on the clasps of Yeyebaby backpacks. It’s for happiness.

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