What coats to wear in autumn-winter 2022?

No matter how fashionistas love practical jackets, there is always a place for your favorite coat in the women’s wardrobe. Stylish, elegant and feminine, it will not only warm, but also emphasize the figure. What women’s coats offer us to wear in 2022?

1. White coats

Agree, no practical and versatile outerwear will produce such an effect as a stylish white coat. You can choose classic straight-cut models or more modern ones, for example, a shirt coat: the trend of the new season.

2.Long coat

In a series of functional and practical models, the maxi coat stands somewhere next to the white ones — at the very end. But, like white coats, they «take» completely different — showiness and beauty. Put on a long coat and feel like a queen. Long coats are perfect with dresses and trouser suits. For accessories and shoes in the new season, look at more basic options.

3. Classic

Of course, designers did not ignore the classic coat models. Medium length and straight cut will never go out of style and will be a good «base» in your wardrobe. Give preference to bright models or classic ones with interesting decor.

4. Cage

This season, the checkered checkerboard reigns on the fashionable Olympus, but by the fall, the classic checkered print will return from the temporary “vacation”. And the easiest and easiest way to fit it into your wardrobe is to buy a coat in a cage.

5. Bright coats

It is necessary to add colors in autumn, especially in cloudy weather! We choose the brightest models and combine them with basic shades: this way you can harmonize your look and follow global trends.

Coats are a versatile piece of modern wardrobe and will help you create a variety of looks: from classic to modern casual. Experiment with shoes and accessories, don’t be afraid to add bright accents to your look.

POMPA brand coats also have a unique Raft Pro membrane system that protects you from wind and moisture and allows you to wear your favorite coat even in sub-zero temperatures.

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