It’s time for graduation and final bells. What to wear to prom to be both fashionable and at the same time not hide youth behind an overly pompous dress, which will then just hang in the closet, attracting moths and other midges? And if you are not a graduate, but, for example, a mother of a graduate, or you just want to look fashionable and stylish in the summer and, at the same time, not languish in the heat in stuffy clothes. What to buy for you? Read on and you will find the complete answer to your question.

We offer you light summer dresses that are perfect for young girls at graduation. These dresses can be used for a long time after as an elegant dress for a date, for study or for a walk.

This model is also suitable for women who love classic style and appreciate comfort. The dress favorably emphasizes the figure and is perfect for the office or a romantic evening.

One caveat: the black dress has narrow sleeves, so some of the fair sex will think that the dress is not for them. But do not rush to close the article. We have prepared a surprise for you. This dress is heavily discounted. Plus an additional discount from the store itself and ops … You have a chic summer evening dress for only 1000 rubles, or even less (it all depends on how the WB itself appreciates you). For our part, we made quite a big discount. The money saved is enough to go to the workshop, of which there are many now, and loosen the rubber band a little. Even stay for ice cream to mark the purchase.

But, hurry up! Not many of these dresses are left. There is a sale of leftovers, so prices are low and dresses are quickly snapped up.

For those who prefer trousers instead of a dress, we offer classic summer trousers that are fashionable this season.

They are made of stretch fabric, which tightens the figure, hiding its imperfections. A wide elastic band instead of a belt will always make you feel comfortable, even if you eat tightly. No need to look for a place and loosen the belt or belt. A dense elastic band will do everything for you. The fabric is light, which allows you to look elegant not only in spring or autumn, but also in summer. Classic summer trousers with elastic band have pockets, are slightly narrower towards the bottom and are decorated with a slit and buttons, which makes the owners of this outfit even more femininity and elegance. Straight trousers with an elastic band have a wide range of sizes, from 46 to 56, and are suitable for owners with a height of 164-176 cm. If you are shorter, then the trousers will just have to be hemmed. This can be done in any studio, without changing the style of the trousers. Classic trousers with elastic in black can be combined with any top, so you can be different every day, just by changing your blouse or top. If you are looking for women’s pants in large sizes and want to look fashionable, stylish and elegant, then this model is for you. Click on the photo, go to the order card and choose the size you need.

To be beautiful not only for a graduation or a special occasion, but just on a summer day, we offer a women’s sports suit or just a noodle suit.

It is also suitable for prom, if you prefer a sporty style, and for sports, and for walking on a summer evening, and even for a date. It will emphasize all the advantages of your figure and will not make you languish from the heat. The top and trousers can be combined with other items that are already in stock and thus create new outfits, be varied and fashionable. Rather, click on the card and order a suit at an attractive price.

And, sometimes, just ordinary fitness leggings or tights help to complete the set. They will go well with a prom dress in combination with sneakers (which is very fashionable now), and will complement any other style instead of such hot tights.

They are just as comfortable at home, in the country, and on a walk, and do light sports and even workouts with a full gear. In leggings you will feel comfortable and look stylish everywhere. Choose your favorite model and order while the sale is on.

If you want to be the center of attention this season, look like a queen in any situation, choose the product you like, click on the photo, go to the order page and complete the purchase. And please leave your feedback when you purchase our items. Your opinion is very important to us, so we would love your feedback. Have a nice shopping!

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