There are elements of women’s wardrobe that never go out of style and that every woman should have in her wardrobe. One of these types of clothing is a raincoat or trench coat. Such wardrobe items never go out of fashion and it is safe to say that they will last a single year.

Versatile and practical, perfect for everyday style, office and special occasions. Pairs well with dresses, jeans or other casual wear.

So if you are looking for outerwear that will go with everything and will be an investment for years to come, this is what you need.

Our online store offers a wide selection of women’s raincoats and trench coats that are suitable for any age and figure.

Now let’s talk about the available colors.

Beige is a wardrobe staple.

Beige is just as fashionable as gray and light gray. It is in the collection of all fashion houses. Network companies also remember to include these colors in their collections. Many influencers on Instagram wear it with pleasure.

The difference is that the beige color in the spring-summer version is more stylish. Suitable for sports shoes, goes well with white Converse.

An alternative to beige is classic black.

If you do not like these colors, in our online store there are other interesting colors: caramel, mustard, milky, powdery pink or spring olive, which are considered the most fashionable in the upcoming season. Always in fashion is khaki, gray-green or discreet emerald.

A short coat and trench coat can be more practical if you prefer to wear jackets. Suitable for both jeans and leggings, flared skirt, palazzo trousers.

On the other hand, the long one goes better with midi dresses or sports sets.

An indisputable option for women’s clothing in an elegant design is the classic trench coat. Pair with jeans as well as elegant dresses.

Choose according to your shape

Classic raincoats fit well on the female figure, the belt emphasizes the waist. Decorative pockets or, in the case of a short model, eye-catching skirts add charm.

A raincoat, like a trench coat, can be of different lengths, with reinforced shoulders or a flared bottom. You can choose the model that is most beneficial for your figure. The length is important here, because its basic cut remains the same in all models.

Short people with a very thin physique should choose short models to the thigh to emphasize the legs.

For tall and lean physique, almost any length will do.

Does your figure look like a pear? Don’t show off your wide hips, so don’t accentuate your waist, as a tightly tied belt will make your hips look even bigger. But emphasize the shoulders — so you align the proportions of the figure.

If you have massive shoulders, choose a flared trench coat — such a bottom will balance the look.

If you wear large sizes, avoid knee length — short ones optically increase the figure.

Our range includes a wide range of sizes — from 42 to 56 sizes. There are Oversize models that are suitable for any physique, as well as for pregnant women.

The raincoat is the most versatile coat in the world. Which trench coat to choose? See our offers!

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