The perfect bandanas for your little one: what are they?

On holidays and vacations, you can’t do without a head. If you leave a child outdoors without a hat or baseball cap, his life will be in danger. Remember that in summer hats become more relevant. A cap or panama will not only protect you from the sun’s rays, but also create a memorable image. About what children’s hats are going today and what you need to pay attention to when choosing, read more in our article.

First, a headdress is needed for reliable protection from the hot sun, and only then beauty. Pay attention to the materials from which the accessory is made. Choose natural fabrics like cotton or linen to let your skin breathe.

Hat, baseball cap or belt should not fall off, break, rub or cause any other discomfort. The headgear should be easy to remove and be comfortable on the head. Many accessories have special straps or other fittings to fit the shape of the head of the headgear. If there is a membrane on the head, make sure that it does not contain rough materials and does not cause discomfort. Also be careful with the internal seams — they should be even so as not to rub the scalp.

Try to choose a headdress with the participation of the child, so as not to confuse the color with the shape. Dako Style has a wide selection of scarf colors.

If the accessory is made of natural materials, choose a model that is not available, in size — it quickly straightens out and does not fall on your head. If there are synthetics, choose a size with a smaller margin. Choose a hat in bright colors. They attract less sunlight and protect the head from excessive heat.

On the product itself, a minimum of small decorative elements (metal buttons, stones or rhinestones) is recommended. An accessory should be in your child’s wardrobe, whether it’s a baseball cap or a visor. Consider the purpose of the hat. For example, wide-brimmed hats or panamas made of natural fabric are best for relaxing on the beach. For city trips, choose a bandana.

The scarf for girls and boys from the DAKO Style brand is perfect for your child for SUMMER 2022. The bandana for girls covers the head and helps to avoid sunstroke. Lightweight breathable fabric — 100% cotton helps the head breathe — does not sweat or heat up, ideal for babies. The headband for children will be a great accessory on vacation, at sea, in kindergarten, for walking. Bandanas are available in various colors and sizes.

You can choose a suitable one for everyday wear for every day, for a walk in the park, at the sea, on the beach, in the country, in kindergarten, for summer holidays, for children’s camp, for graduation, with or without reason, for a birthday. Hand wash at 30 degrees is recommended for product care. A kerchief from the Summer collection 2022 is suitable as a gift for a girl and a boy for his birthday, graduation from kindergarten, school.

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