Comfortable, safe, durable and beautiful — these are the requirements that the perfect tracksuit should meet. A representative of the company 4Clover, using the example of 4Clover suits, told what to look for when choosing sportswear.


The fabric for a tracksuit should allow the skin to breathe, provide good ventilation and wick away moisture, and the material should also be resistant to stress and easy to care for.

4Clover’s tracksuits are made from organic cotton with dry+ technology and added spandex to keep the material from deforming.

“It’s a lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and maintains optimal body temperature. In these suits it is convenient to train in the gym, on the street, they are also suitable for travel and walks, ”says a representative of 4Clover.

But sport also loves artificial materials, the main of which is polyester. Things from it do not stretch, do not wrinkle, dry quickly and retain their appearance for a long time.

Such clothes are always soft, light and pleasant to the touch. Synthetics do not attract moths and other insects, which also affects the durability of the item.

A separate line is warm fleece suits. This is also a synthetic knitted fabric. Its advantages are lightness, elasticity, wear resistance and ease of care. Fleece does not cause allergies, it is soft and pleasant to the body.


It is much more pleasant to perform exercises in a beautiful, bright sports uniform.


Fleece suits Suitable for jogging on the street in the cold season or day. Also, athletes put on a suit under their ski clothes. And in such a suit you can ride a bike, go hiking and sleep in a tent there, go out of town, to the country house and just walk at home.

A sports suit must strictly correspond to the size of the person’s clothing. It is unacceptable that it be cramped or excessively loose, as it will be extremely inconvenient to perform physical exercises.

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