The rhythm of life of modern man leaves so little time for sleep. Waking up in winter is especially difficult, when it is so cozy and warm under the covers, and outside the window is pitch darkness and frosts are cracking. Admit it, you like to sleep «another five minutes» by pressing the «snooze» button on the alarm clock?

Agree, early awakening in the summer is much easier and all thanks to sunlight. After all, as you start the morning, so you will spend the whole day. Broken truth. But what to do if the sun is not such a frequent visitor and the weather outside the window is increasingly reminiscent of «foggy Albion»?

A smart alarm lamp will let light into your home even on the gloomiest morning. You are not familiar with this smart gadget yet? We’ll be happy to introduce you. Go.

Alarm light LED works in two time formats — 12 and 24 hours.

Delayed wake function, if you suddenly want to delay the rise a little.

The lamp has a wide color gamut of lighting options (about 16,000 shades), soft warm light and the presence of the «sunrise simulation» function will help the body get out of sleep more comfortably. 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, the lamp will gradually fill the room with warm light, gradually increasing the light intensity (20 levels are available).

5 natural alarm ringtones: birdsong, summer forest, night forest, Buddhist bells, water sound. The sounds of nature contribute to a harmonious awakening, give a feeling of unity with nature.

Our designer bedroom lamp has several brightness modes: night light, ambiance, reading. Choose the one you need right now with one click.

By purchasing a smart alarm lamp, you kill two birds with one stone: you get a comfortable natural awakening and a designer accessory in your bedroom.

Reviews about this kind of gadgets on the Internet are often positive. Many users note the dynamics of easier awakening as they use it.

Do you find it easy to get up early?

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