You have probably seen photos where the walls are made of something green and mysterious, let’s take a closer look at this element. The trend of the season is unity with nature, wood, plants, natural materials. But it is not always possible to use ordinary living plants, because they have a lot of disadvantages when decorating:

Accommodation conditions. Living plants need light, water and space.

Limited forms. The flower is what it is and no more!

limited in color. So many ideas and so few colors to implement.

So what is the alternative to live plants? Stabilized moss! This is a living moss, the moisture in which is replaced by a special solution, and the color is created thanks to food dyes. Such moss is safe for children, does not cause allergies and practically does not collect dust.

Let’s start with the pros:

— Variety of colors. For the most creative

— It is easy to compose a composition of any shape.

— Does not require watering, light and a lot of space.

— Fashion trend.

— Service life about 8 years!

Moss in the nursery

night lamp-florarium

Children learn the world through colors and sensations, there are many educational toys based on this. How to complete the nursery? There are many options. Let’s go from the most multifunctional — a florarium night light, which will not only captivate the child, but also become an element of decor that no girlfriend has!

Do not worry! Moss is safe for kids! you can stroke it, smell it and just look at the twigs!

Moss in the interior and gifts

Moss reindeer moss will complement any room. A composition with such material will feel great in a dark corner, on a desktop, shelf, chest of drawers and even in the bathroom! How to care for products with moss?

— Do not water!

— Do not leave in direct sunlight!

— Love and enjoy the view!

Is it possible to donate such products? — Of course! Even necessary! Although this eco-friendly trend has become quite widespread, not many people are familiar with such material as moss. Such a gift will delight and absorb all the attention! The moss is soft, bright and just like the real one. Especially such a gift will appeal to those who often leave or simply forget to water the flowers.

Moss for creativity

Creativity is a great way to express yourself! Not always on the Internet you can find what the soul will lie to. But… You can do it yourself! With the help of moss, you can make a planter that fits perfectly into the very interior, make a wall of moss or decorate a jewelry box.

Rules for working with moss:

— It is recommended to work with gloves to avoid staining (easy to clean with soap and water).

— Can be glued with hot glue or PVA glue.

— Avoid water and direct sunlight.

Forward to creativity!

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