Council the first. Special attention to the frame and legs

Pay special attention to the design of the future acquisition. The trampoline frame must be made of metal. It is better if it is aluminum, as it is lighter.

We want to stand firmly on our feet, and in this the trampoline resembles a person — the legs of the trampoline are of great importance. The most stable option is the W-shaped legs. Additional reliability is given by supports, which should start from the ground. An example is the PROXIMA trampolines, the design and geometry of the supports of which are designed to take into account the maximum load.

Tip two. Flexible mesh — ready to fly!

Before the flight, engineers carefully check the spacecraft, and you also check the equipment of the trampoline. The springs should be steel and located at a distance of 20-30 cm — they are responsible for the height and quality of the jumps. Their number depends on the diameter of the jumping canvas.

The safety net guarantees that your flight will be strictly limited by the diameter of the trampoline (it is not necessary to go into space). It should be flexible and durable, a little shrinkage will not hurt. The mesh material must be UV resistant.

In flight, the main thing is safety, so all metal parts that give strength must be reliably protected. Springs — to be under a protective mat, and vertical racks — in foam rubber and a protective cover.

Tip three. Material matters

From any flight, you will want to return to the ground (in our case, to the trampoline canvas). In order for the landing to be soft and comfortable, the jumping fabric material must be durable, resistant to moisture, precipitation and UV radiation. And then your jumps will be easy, safe and comfortable.

Council the fourth. Instructions to help

Engineers develop instructions for a reason: following them guarantees the reliable operation of any equipment. Carefully study them before assembling the trampoline and clearly follow all the points directly in the assembly process. It is better to assemble a trampoline together (more convenient and more reliable).

Tip five. The manufacturer must be reliable

Do not buy the first trampoline you see, even if the price and other features suit you. It is better to read reviews, look at reviews and choose a well-known manufacturer that provides service support.

I recommend paying attention to Proxima trampolines. The company has been on the market for many years, and customers have been able to appreciate the high quality, reliability and durability of its products. A network of service centers in Russia — only 14 centers — will be able to solve any problems (although they occur very rarely). For the design of simulators, materials are used that have received European certificates CE, TUF, which is a guarantee of environmental friendliness and product quality. Extended warranty period confirms the reliability of trampolines.

Consider our recommendations, and you will definitely find your trampoline model — it will bring a lot of joy to you and your children.

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