How to wear pearls without looking old-fashioned: 6 stylish ways


When composing images with pearl necklaces and earrings, the risk of looking too respectable and solid is too great, but this is not a reason to refuse them. Together with an expert, we analyze six modern ways to wear pearls and look stylish.

#one. Take two pearl strands of different lengths: one is very short, like a choker, the second is more authentic. And now you have a ready-made kit that you definitely can’t call boring. This option is suitable for both relaxed grunge looks and simple outfits from a T-shirt and basic jeans.
#2. Pay attention to pearls of different colors. It will look original and new even with the most daring images. And even in combination with a formal suit, it will give the image a zest.
#3. Pearl bracelets can perfectly complement your look. You can take several different ones, and even better if the pearls are of different shades. Beautiful classic beads can be added to pearl jewelry.
#four. Layered pearl beads can be a great addition to an elegant silk dress or blouse.
#5. Wrap a simple headband with pearl thread — here you have a wonderful accessory in your hands that will look beautiful on curls and straight hair.
#6. A pearl collar on a simple dress will give it a sophisticated evening look. A few more options — a dainty pearl strap around the ankle on shoes or a string of pearls tied around the strap of a handbag — whatever you choose, it will attract attention in any case.


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