How to wear jewelry: 10 tips

“The cost of the material in the decoration does not mean so much, the main thing is the originality of the idea!” Coco Chanel There is not a single woman in the world who does not like jewelry. Each one has beads, bracelets, rings and pendants, and various other jewelry and bijouterie in the casket. Having a lot of jewelry in the arsenal, the question arises: with what and when to wear it all? How to combine several jewelry? Jewelry should be selected based on age, lifestyle, budget. Nothing catches the eye faster than accessories. They can focus on the place you want to emphasize and divert the eye from problem areas. A well-placed accessory can direct the eye to the most beautiful part of your figure, and an inappropriate accessory will surely direct the eye to the most disadvantageous place in your appearance. Therefore, the first thing you should ask yourself when choosing a place for decoration is whether it will emphasize your strengths or weaknesses. Plus, accessories are a quick, logical, and effective way to tie your different pieces of clothing together.

When talking about jewelry, it is important to know and remember the following rules.

1. Always buy quality jewelry. Buy the best you can afford.

2. Accessories should be proportional to your figure. If you are a large woman, do not wear small accessories: they will visually make you look even bigger. If you are petite, do not wear large additions: they will further reduce you.

3. Jewelry must be equivalent to clothing. Do not wear cheap brooches with an evening dress.

4. There can be a maximum of 3 accessories in one look. I’m sure you know that earrings and cufflinks are treated as separate independent accessories. The optimal combination of accessories: beads and a watch, beads and a ring, beads and a bracelet earrings and a bracelet of medium width, earrings and a watch earrings and a ring True, today this rule has lost its position a little. Wearing discreet jewelry and accessories, you can increase their number, for example, up to five. But it’s better not to get carried away with bright and large jewelry, or rather its quantity.

5. Jewelry made of precious metals and costume jewelry should not be combined at the same time.

6. Jewelry in gold and silver colors is recommended to be worn separately. An exception can be in several cases: — if initially (i.e., made) the jewelry consists of silver and gold metal, — and the second option — if this is a special stylistic idea.

7. The style of jewelry should match the style of your clothes. There are several styles in jewelry: Classic. They copy jewelry, the more accurate the copy, the more expensive it is. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish an artificial diamond from a natural one without special examination, and Swarovski crystals shine even better than diamonds. Imitation pearls, rhinestones for diamonds, gold plating (electroplating) are also classics. Ethnos. This style contains various styles: Indian, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and even African. These are jewelry made from natural materials: bone, mother-of-pearl, shells, seeds, beads, wood, stone, etc. Art design. These decorations are different from others. Their originality lies in the fact that the artistic intent of the author is clearly traced. Such jewelry is often author’s, collectible.

8. If you want to draw attention to your face, then choose bright earrings.

9. If you want to demonstrate a beautiful manicure or your “musical” fingers, focus on the ring. And here you can “play” with a contrasting combination of nail polish and a stone in the ring (for example: red nail polish and a green stone of the ring will emphasize that you are a bright and dynamic person).

10. If you want to emphasize your sexuality — put on an exquisite bracelet on your wrist (after all, the wrist, like the ankle, belongs to the sexual parts of the body).

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