How to store tea at home


We are happy to share useful information on how to properly store tea at home.

— In order for tea to remain fresh for a long time, retain its aroma and continue to please the taste, it should be protected from light and foreign odors, high humidity and excessive interaction with air should be avoided during storage.

— The best option for storage is a food foil bag in a tin, porcelain, ceramic or glass jar.
All containers must be well sealed. Tea caddies, jars and boxes should have tight-fitting lids, and bags should be secured with a clip.

— It is important not to tamp the tea. Since under pressure the leaves can be damaged, which will lead to rapid weathering and a change in taste.

And of course, choose only beautiful specimens that delight your eye. This little trick will bring pleasure and cheer you up already at the stage of tea preparation.

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