How to quickly change the apartment with the help of light: 6 tricks that will definitely work


You will be surprised, but with the help of light you can do just about everything: adjust the volume of the room, add comfort to it, or even get rid of chronic fatigue. We talk about how to “play” with lighting correctly, changing space and life for the better.

Push the walls

The owners of narrow corridors and elongated rooms know firsthand what “pressing” walls are. But the problem is solved very simply: it is enough to purchase a lamp with shades directed in different directions. For example, the Hamburg model. Visually, this technique “pushes” the walls, the room seems more spacious and wider. Another nice bonus is that the light is evenly distributed throughout the room, leaving no dark corners.

Chandelier Hamburg:

Raise the ceilings

The standard ceiling height in modern apartments is 2.5 meters. This is enough for a comfortable life, but visually (especially if the room is abundantly crowded, a predominantly dark palette is used), the room may seem cramped. And again, light solves the problem: if you choose a model with shades pointing up at the ceiling, it will seem higher! Lamps with open light sources, like the Aurora chandelier, are especially good. In this way, you will be able to achieve the brightest possible illumination.

Chandelier Aurora:

Zone your space

Many out of habit rely on a single source of light — a chandelier in the center of the room. But designers have a rule: each functional area has its own lamp. This is important both for the visual delimitation of zones, and for our psychological comfort. By placing the Tenderness sconce by the bed, and a table lamp in the working corner, you set the boundaries between private and professional life. Psychologists are sure that this is necessary: ​​mixing different spheres in one space leads to absent-mindedness and overstrain.

Sconce Tenderness:

Play with the temperature

Everyone knows that there are different lamps in the assortment of stores: with warm yellowish light, neutral white or cold, slightly bluish. If your bedroom has cool lights, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to fall asleep. Cold light activates, warm light relaxes and soothes. Therefore, in different rooms and zones, it is recommended to use lamps of different temperatures. And better — multi-mode lamps, like the Madeleine chandelier. So you can change the temperature at any time: in the morning, when you need to cheer up — turn on cold lighting, in the evening, before going to bed — warm. By the way, cold light visually makes the room more spacious, and warm light adds coziness to it.

Chandelier Madeleine:

Add light

If we are forced to constantly be in an apartment with insufficient lighting, this seriously affects the quality of life. Lack of light reduces mood, leads to headaches and chronic fatigue. Poorly lit rooms, moreover, seem gloomy and uncomfortable. Add zone lights: for example, the original Breeze pendants above the sofa, dining table. You will immediately notice the difference: the atmosphere in the house will become more festive, relaxed and cheerful.

Chandelier Breeze:

Choose soft light

Lack of light is bad, but bright, eye-catching and dazzling lighting is not the best solution. In order for the room to be well lit, and the light to remain comfortable and give coziness, choose lamps with “soft” lighting. To achieve this effect is simple: usually these are models with acrylic diffusers or frosted glass shades. Good old-fashioned fabric lampshades are also suitable: at the Jacqueline chandelier, a wide lampshade made of thin organza gently dampens the light flux, making it relaxing and cozy.

Chandelier Jacqueline:


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