How to choose bed linen?

Now the bed linen market is huge and rich in a variety of designs and fabrics, from coarse calico to satin. Also, recently, bed manufacturers have been focusing on European standards in terms of dimensions and parameters. Because of this, it is very difficult to make the right choice when buying underwear. What to do? It’s simple, see below.

How to properly measure a bed?

How to choose the right bedding? Of course, you need to start by measuring the bed. To do this, you need to measure all the components, namely the mattress, pillows and blanket. If you determine the size once, it will be easy for you to select bedding sets, as well as bedspreads and decorative textiles in the future. For such measurements, it is recommended to take a tape measure or centimeter tape.


You need to measure the length of the mattress, add the height to the right and left to it, then measure the width, add the height from the top and bottom, in this case you get the size of the sheet.

Duvet cover

In order to determine the size of the duvet cover, you should measure the width and length of the blanket.

But at the same time, about 3-5 cm should be added on each side so that the new duvet cover is not small, because a slight shrinkage will definitely occur during the first wash.


Pillowcase sizes are easy to determine: measure the length and width of the pillows, adding 1 cm on each side.

Pay attention to the sizes of bedding sets Poplin Love&Live:

One and a half — Pillowcases 70×70 cm (2 pcs.), Sheet 145×215 cm (1 pc.), Duvet cover 150×215 cm (1 pc.)

Double — Pillowcases 70×70 cm (2 pcs.), Sheet 180*215 (1 pc.), Duvet cover 175×215 cm (1 pc.)

Double bed with Euro sheet — Pillowcases 70×70 cm (2 pcs.), Sheet 200×215 cm (1 pc.), Duvet cover 175×215 cm (1 pc.)

Euro — Pillowcases 70×70 cm (2 pcs.), Sheet, cm: 215×240 (1 pc.), Duvet cover, cm: 200×215 (1 pc.)

Family — Pillowcases 70×70 cm (2 pcs.), Sheet, cm: 220×240 (1 pc.), Duvet cover 150×215 cm (2 pcs.)

You will find all these sizes in the product card. Wildberries, in the description, as well as when purchasing the product on the packaging sticker. Dimensions may deviate from those indicated by + -3 cm (allowed according to GOST), this is the so-called manufacturing error.

Sheet with elastic band

If you are not very satisfied with an ordinary sheet, if you often toss and turn during sleep and, as a result, the sheet is all crumpled in the morning, you can always use a plain knitted sheet with an elastic band. Such a sheet with an elastic band can always replace a standard sheet from any set, as it is plain and the color can be matched to any pattern.

We recommend to pay attention to knitted sheets with an elastic band. OTK Production








Choosing the size of the sheet is very simple, you need to measure the length and width of the mattress. The height of such sheets is always standard 25 cm, i.e. this is the maximum height of the mattress that the sheet can be pulled over, but the mattress can be lower, too! You will find all these sizes in the product card. Wildberriesin the description, as well as when purchasing the product on the packaging sticker.

Measurements are a very important element of the purchase, because the perfect bedding set for your bed will not disappoint and will delight you for more than one season.

Type of packaging and its integrity.

Always pay attention to how the laundry is packaged. Good manufacturers always take care of quality packaging. Linen should be stored in a sealed box, bag or tube. So it does not deform, does not tear, does not get dirty and remains protected from external factors.

How to wash bed linen?

There are several rules, the observance of which will significantly extend the life of your bed linen.

Many people remember how our grandparents, mothers and fathers often arranged washing with boiling clothes, choosing the hottest washing mode, maximum speed, etc. But is it right?

Modern washing machines do a very good job of removing dirt and dust, even at low washing temperatures. But those dyes, softeners that are used in the final stages of finishing at high temperatures are irrevocably washed off, which leads to a loss of gloss, softness, silkiness, creases, whitishness and pellets appear.

All over the world, fabric and chemical manufacturers recommend a 40 degree wash cycle.

Is it possible to boil clothes? Yes, as long as it is snow-white satin, percale or poplin, a fabric that does not contain coloring pigments. That is why hotels use predominantly white fabrics for bed linen and towels. After all, such a tissue can be subjected to autoclaving technology: the removal of microbes, microorganisms by steam treatment at high pressure.

What else is important? It is advisable to wash cotton fabrics separately from other fabrics. The fact is that the fibers may contain blotches of cotton fluff, particles of cotton bolls, on which finer wool fibers can be wound during washing if you put a sweater or scarf next to the drum. And now the linen was covered with unpleasant spools.

There is one more recommendation: do not fill the drum all the way! If there is space in the drum, the fabric stretches better, wrinkles less. It is recommended to fill the drum to half the norm — so the products will be washed as carefully as possible.

In the final stages of washing, add conditioner, this will give a pleasant aroma and extra softness.

Where can I find quality and affordable bedding?

In the shop Wildberries the range of our quality brands is presented Love&Live, OTK Production, Love and Life, Love Story. You can enter in the search any of these brands to your taste and budget, choose the size you need (after measuring the bed in the above way), choose the design you like, order delivery and enjoy your new purchase. Our company creates each design with love and care, so that you can choose exactly the set that will look modern, stylish and harmonious in your bedroom.

The quality of bed linen is the main priority of OTK Production LLC as a manufacturer. During production, all important details are taken into account from the choice of fabric and design to beautiful packaging. Our bed linen is a modern design, bright style and pleasant dreams every day.

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