How to look stylish and confident without leaving home

Long-term self-isolation has changed our habitual way of life. Now working from home does not seem to be something unusual.

Accordingly, the requirement for home style also changes. Freelancers, mothers on maternity leave and housewives do not want to walk around the house in old worn shirts and dresses, they want to look stylish, for their reflection in the mirror, first of all.

Where can you find stylish, beautiful, comfortable clothes for a long stay at home?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of the HYGGAWEAR clothing brand. The basic home collection is made of natural material — tencel (eucalyptus fiber). The material has a soft silky structure with a matte sheen, is breathable and retains moisture in its fibers — this is undoubtedly a great advantage for long-term wearing of the product. The material is distinguished by its wear resistance, retains a lasting color after numerous washes.

The basic collection includes pajama sets — a set shirt and pants, tops with a V-neck with wide straps that can be worn outside the home, pajama shorts that are comfortable for sleeping and a midi dress in linen style with thin straps.

Go to the HYGGAWEAR brand page on Wildberries, make a purchase, follow us on social networks. networks and leave feedback.


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