1. Stand for knives

Knife holder, cutlery tray, organizer, kitchen holder, dryer HomieKaif 45947234 buy for 799 ₽ in the Wildberries online store

In this case, we will consider not standard vertical stands, but such horizontal ones. They are much more convenient because they do not take up space on the countertop, and do not dazzle the eyes. Simply place this knife organizer in your cutlery drawer and use it.

By the way, such a stand has a very big plus: due to the fact that each knife has its own place (separators help with that.), knives need to be sharpened less often, they do not dull as quickly.

Before ordering, be sure to take measurements of the box (if you plan to place it there)

Knife stand height: 7.5 cm

Length: 39.5 cm

Width: 14.5 cm

We will also add photos from reviews to understand how it looks.

2.Organizer for storing lids and pans

Holder for frying pans, stand for pots, lids, kitchen holder, kitchen organizer HomieKaif 63232698 buy for 1 962 ₽ in the Wildberries online store

A very handy and useful accessory for the kitchen. Probably every housewife knows how annoying lids and pans are, which just lie in a drawer / cabinet. Such a purchase will save space in your kitchen, and solve this problem. Fits 7 positions in this lid holder. The size of the organizer itself can be adjusted.

Well, some photos.

3. Cutlery tray

HomieKaif cutlery tray 73585797 buy for 699 ₽ in the Wildberries online store

This organizer is designed for cutlery. You can fit in it all table knives, forks, spoons. Very convenient and doesn’t take up much space. The organizer has 5 compartments. Each has an icon of the corresponding cutlery.

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