Plaids and bedspreads help to place accents in the interior of the apartment and ensure the cleanliness of your bed. When buying in an online store, it can be quite difficult to determine the size of the product. Here you need to take into account some nuances that many simply do not pay attention to. In order to help our customers with the choice, we have prepared some tips.

Before choosing a blanket or bedspread, you need to measure your mattress. It is necessary to measure the length, width and height in centimeters.

The easiest way to choose the size of the bedspread is to use the standard formulas:

  • Bedspread width = (mattress height)x2 + (mattress width).
  • The length of the bedspread for a bed without a footboard = (mattress height) + (mattress length).
  • Bedspread length with footboard = Mattress length.

If you prefer the edge of the bedspread to be below the mattress, add 10-20cm to its width. But keep in mind that too large a bedspread will hang around the floor, spoiling the appearance of the room. And in terms of cleanliness, this is not very good — dust from the floor will fall on the bed.

Consider an example!

Let your mattress have standard dimensions of 160×200 cm (width x length), height — 20 cm. Your bed does not have a footboard. We consider the size of the bedspread as follows:

Width = 20cm x 2 + 160cm = 40+160 = 200cm


In this case, a bedspread or a blanket measuring 200×220 cm is perfect — it will completely cover the mattress, thereby protecting the bed from dust and making the bed neat and well-groomed.

Also, this size of the blanket is suitable for a bed with a footboard with a mattress of 160×200 cm and 180×200 cm.

The Selesa home store presents a collection of soft 200×220 cm Russian-made velvet blankets for warmth and comfort in your home. Happy shopping!

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