How to choose the right size for a baby hat?


How to choose the right size for a baby hat?

The hat-helmet is becoming more and more relevant every day. After all, it is ideal for frosty windy winters that are typical for our country. In this article, we will figure out how to choose the right hat-helmet for a toddler so that it sits perfectly.

To choose a hat-helmet, you need to make a measurement!

1. First, take a centimeter;

2. After we wrap it around the baby’s head. This must be done so that the centimeter passes above the ears parallel to the line of the forehead, about 2 cm above the eyebrows;

3. It is important that the centimeter is located freely and does not squeeze the skin.

As a result, we get a figure to which we need to add 1 cm for freedom of fit. And if the little one has a large face and chubby cheeks, then it’s better to add 2 cm.

What is included in our hat?

Modern and super comfortable baby hat has a natural composition and hypoallergenic Alpolux insulation. And the lining is 100% cotton. We only use high quality materials!

How to take care of the product?

Capkids helmet is recommended to be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees!

A hat is the perfect gift!

Every kid needs such a hat, because it perfectly protects from wind and frost. Thanks to her, the child on a walk in the kindergarten will be very warm and comfortable. The kid who received such a hat as a gift will be delighted and his parents too!

Don’t waste time! Order a super modern and comfortable capkids helmet and be calm for your child! After all, your baby will not freeze even in the coldest weather.


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