How to choose the right shoe rack for your entryway


Scattered shoes in the hallway are a real pain for the hostess. I would like it to be like in an advertisement for an expensive dressing room — pair to pair and each on its own shelf. And I really don’t want eternal sand on the rug and three or four pairs of sneakers and shoes thrown at random. The shoe rack is a real lifesaver.

Think of any bowling alley, where a shoe rack is a professional necessity. Each pair is stored in a separate pallet under its number, any pair can be easily found and taken. That would be so at home, only not to be seen.

Today, a shoe rack is not just an affordable item in the house, but also a necessary one. It remains only to choose the right one. The first rule — do not try to choose the most spacious shoe rack. Any storage space will fill up sooner or later. This will not add to the convenience of using it. Only seasonal shoes are stored in the shoebox, the rest — in the closet in boxes.

Decide in advance on the size of the space where it will stand and write them down, otherwise there is a chance to forget the right size in the store. Closed models can be quite narrow, as the shoes are stored vertically in them. The depth of ordinary shoes should not be less than thirty centimeters, otherwise the shoes will stick out. If the top of the shoe rack is a seat, then it should not be higher than 45 cm, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for you to sit on it and, say, tie your shoelaces. Choose the width so that plastic pallets for shoes stand on the shelf, sooner or later you will use them.


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