How to choose the right PVC boat for fishing or hunting

Choosing a PVC inflatable boat is actually a very simple task if you know what to do. Here is a simple instruction for you, according to which you can choose a PVC boat for yourself in 5 minutes.

Answer a few questions regarding the future inflatable PVC boat for motor or rowing:

Is comfort important to you in an inflatable boat?

Yes— Look for an inflatable PVC boat with a large balloon diameter and a long length, if the budget does not constrain you, then 400-450 mm, it is also better to take the bottom to the boat.Not— So you need a light or cheap PVC inflatable boat, choose a boat based on price, length, size of internal space and quality, in this case you do not need a bottom.

Should it be a rowing or motor model?

Rowing– an inflatable model can be equipped with a mounted transom for a motor, but we do not recommend using a mounted transom, there is a separate article about this, rowing boats are often used without a bottom.under the motor— such a model must be equipped with a lyktros likpaz system (mobile seats) have a stationary transom, the rest is already optional, see below for your needs and questions. A motor boat is a convenient and useful thing on a large pond under the engine, especially if you put plywood floorboards and a keel, or choose an inflatable boat with NDND.

For how many people do you need a PVC inflatable boat?

According to this table, you can roughly navigate how comfortable you will be in an inflatable boat. In our experience, there are 2 types of buyers, three of them are good in a 3100 inflatable boat, while the other is crowded alone in a 3400 boat. Therefore, we had to divide the table into 2 such types of buyers, the names correspond to the type of PVC inflatable boats that they usually suit. Economy — inexpensive but reliable inflatable boats, Premium — inflatable boats with additional options, bleed valves, rod holders, bags, bench pads, eva mats. usually they are heavier and have more fabric density and more compartments, so premium models always come with a bottom.

Important feature!Often long PVC inflatable boats are cramped due to the small internal space. We recommend looking at the interior of the boat. A range of 3300 length PVC boats will be the same as a range of other 2900 length inflatable models in terms of the size of the bottom from the sides.

What motor are you planning to install?

  • Up to 4 HP — possible without a keel.
  • Over 4 hp – we recommend motorized inflatable boats with keel and bottom.
  • Over 8-9 hp — we recommend the presence of stringers in inflatable solder boats for a motor or a thick ndnd so that the boat does not break and it goes well.

Where will you use the PVC inflatable boat?

  • Salt water — we recommend a series of boats with welded seams.
  • The scorching sun — we recommend a PVC inflatable boat with welded seams, welded components and high-quality PVC material so that high pressure in the sides does not damage the boat.
  • High wave — we recommend an inflatable boat with a large balloon from 400-450 mm and above.
  • In other cases, you can rely on your budget and choose a boat that is comfortable in terms of length, price and weight, but do not forget about quality.

Inflatable bottom or hard bottom?

Inflatable bottom for PVC boats:+ Simplifies the process of assembling a PVC boat;+ Reduces the weight of a PVC boat;– Increases the price and carrying capacity;– Not so comfortable to stand, but the stability of the structure itself is high.Hard bottom for PVC inflatable boats:+ Cheaper; + More comfortable to walk and stand; — Heavier; — Difficult to assemble. Your stay will be comfortable. The boat will assemble itself in a matter of minutes with little or no participation in the process.

What motor to choose for an inflatable boat?

To enter the planing, a motor of approximately 4 hp is required. per person:

  • motor 4 hp for 1 person
  • motor 8 hp for 2 persons
  • motor 12 hp for 3 persons
  • motor 9.9 (15 hp) for 4 people

You can consider two-stroke motor models or four-stroke, two-stroke motors are easier to operate, they are also cheaper, and 4-stroke motors are more expensive, but more economical in consumption. There are many models of motors and models of inflatable boats, therefore, if you choose a boat for a motor and a motor for it, it is better to contact the experts, we will advise a good motor, we will recommend what type of bottom, which model to take and explain why one model is better than another. There are many subtleties regarding the fabric, the type of bottom (NDND, payol), the diameter of the balloon, the weight, even the transom is different and you need to know which one will be more reliable and last longer.

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