How to choose the right magnesium

In a previous article, we talked about who needs to take magnesium in the form of supplements and why. In short, almost everyone and always. And a blood test is completely useless. Today’s article is about how to choose the right magnesium.

First — source. On the pharmaceutical market, magnesium is presented in several basic forms, which differ in bioavailability and scope. However, magnesium itself for most of these drugs is synthesized from a rock — dolomite.

Magnesium WellMe Aquamin compares favorably with other products, as it is produced from the pure water of the Irish Sea, located far from the shipping lanes. Sea water is closest in its chemical composition to human blood. 100 kg of sea water is used to produce 1 kg of Aquamin magnesium.

Complexes with magnesium WellMe, in addition to magnesium itself, contains 73 cofactors — iron, copper, phosphorus, nickel, iodine, silicon, strontium, zinc, titanium, selenium, etc., which increase the bioavailability and biological value of magnesium.

Scientific studies conducted at the University of Cork in Ireland have confirmed the unique high bioavailability of WellMe magnesium. Bioavailability of «slow» magnesium WellMe Mg 74SLOW in capsules in the form of hydroxide is 80%. For comparison, the bioavailability of magnesium oxide in dolomite forms approaches 20%. Bioavailability of “fast” magnesium WellMe Mg 74FAST in the form of citrate — 99.4%.

Second — licensed raw materials that have passed clinical trials. In pursuit of the cheapness of the final product, manufacturers are tempted to use the cheapest raw materials, especially since the formulation of dietary supplements and the simplified legislative regulation of the production and circulation of dietary supplements compared to medicines allows this. Biologically active additives are regularly withdrawn from sale due to the discovery of undeclared pharmaceutical substances in them.

WellMe Magnesium is formulated with licensed Aquamin raw materials derived from Irish Sea seawater and clinically tested. The owner of the Aquamin brand, Marigot Ltd was founded in 1993 and has been developing and creating products of natural origin for human health for more than 28 years.

TM Aquamin products have been clinically tested by independent US laboratories and the University of Cork in Iceland, which confirmed its chemical composition, high bioavailability and unique biological value for the body.

Third — dosage. To maintain magnesium levels, you need to receive 300-400 mg per day. To fill the deficit and even more. And this is provided that there are no disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which reduce the absorption capacity of the intestine. Therefore, dosage is critical. 1 WellMe capsule Mg 74SLOW contains 150 mg of magnesium. Drinking 2-3 capsules, you get the daily rate of the most important macronutrient in a bioavailable form.

Results. High-quality vitamin supplements are an investment in yourself, your health and longevity.

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