The extension lamp is one of the most important tools for a lash maker. Good lighting allows you to do quality work and protect your eyes. Today, we will tell you: how to choose the perfect lamp.

Neutral light. It is better to choose a lamp with neither cold nor warm light — this will once again save your eyes from stress, see every eyelash at any time of the day.

Flicker. Due to flickering during work, the eyes are overstrained — this leads to visual impairment, chronic fatigue.

It is important that the light from the lamp is not yellow, but goes into a white tint, so your eyes will be less tired, and your performance will increase.

The lamp should not get too hot. Ordinary household lamps heat up and spoil a drop of glue — this harms the eyelash extension process, the glue dries quickly and thickens.

It is better to choose models with adjustable brightness. Such a lamp will allow you to make the light soft and dim, which is great for clients and artists with sensitive eyes.

A model with height, swivel and tilt adjustment is more convenient and practical to use.

Choose only high-quality and powerful lamps — they will provide you with comfortable work and help you create beautiful high-quality portfolio shots.

Visun dumps have all these qualities. Our catalog contains LED lamps, magnifying lamps, ring lamps, corresponding to the latest technology. Visun eyelash extension lamps:

— safe to use;
— they have low energy consumption;
— each model has a stylish thoughtful design, presented in black and white;
— lamps are universal in use, suitable for cosmetologists, lash makers, tattoo artists and other services;
— the lamp gives the correct neutral light without flickering;
— the lamp is safe for eye health;
— a plastic cover is installed above the lens of each lamp, which protects the glass from dust and scratches;
— the lamps have a metal frame, which makes them reliable and durable.

The choice of lighting is an important task for the master, because thanks to high-quality eyelash extension equipment, the quality of work and eye health depend. You can buy Visun professional lamps for eyelash extensions in our online store, you can get acquainted with the terms of delivery here.

Our lamps are available at Wildberries:


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