In order to choose the right compression class and obtain the desired therapeutic effect, it is important to focus on the compression indicators (degree of pressure on the ankle) on the product packaging and on the symptoms.
Now let’s take a look:

👉 PREVENTIVE CLASS (up to 18 mmHg)
Suitable if, when viewed on the legs, there are no changes, swelling or pastosity (slight swelling, accompanied by blanching, a decrease in elasticity).
• healthy people who are at risk for the occurrence of diseases of the lower extremities,
• if in the evening there is fatigue and heaviness in the legs,
• during flights, a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged static loads on the legs,
• wearing shoes with high heels.
Helps prevent the occurrence of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency.
Acquired independently, without a prescription or doctor’s prescription.

👉 I CLASS (17-22 mmHg)
It is recommended if there is pain in the legs or dilated veins, numbness in the legs, cramps, intermittent pastosity or swelling of the ankles, a vascular pattern or asterisks is pronounced.
Shown at:
• hereditary predisposition to varicose veins;
• great physical exertion;
• surgical interventions on the lower extremities;
• varicose veins;
• sedentary work and prolonged immobility;
• the risk of varicose veins, such as obesity.
Please note that such symptoms are grounds for visiting a phlebologist. However, you can purchase and wear products yourself as a palliative measure before visiting a doctor and appointments after the examination.

👉 II CLASS (23-32 mmHg)
It is prescribed by a doctor as part of a complex treatment after a phlebological examination for moderate venous disorders or after operations on the veins.
The product narrows and strengthens dilated veins, improves venous outflow and reduces the load on the veins, prevents the accumulation of interstitial fluid.

👉 III CLASS (34-46 mm Hg)
It is prescribed by a doctor as part of a complex treatment for serious vein lesions or lymphedema.
Improve venous outflow and reduce the load on the veins.

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