How to choose the right changeable shoes for school

The photo shows the models of the brand IRIDIS SKUs 28763794, 26792021, 27991517

In the list of goods for school, changeable shoes are in an important place. To make it easier for you to choose, we tell you what to look for.

Choose models from genuine leather. The child spends a significant part of the day in replaceable shoes, so it will be most comfortable for the legs in genuine leather. This material adapts to the shape of the foot; creates a comfortable microclimate inside (legs are neither cold nor hot); wicks away moisture well if feet get sweaty.

Also pay attention to the lining of the shoes. It is good if it is made of genuine leather or other breathable material.

Choose a sole that is flexible and light enough.

It is worth paying attention to orthopedic elements. Support for the inner arch of the foot, Thomas’s heel — will help children’s feet to form correctly and ensure the prevention of flat feet.

High-quality shoes hold their shape well, have even, neat seams. The leather structure of a good shoe should not be damaged.

The photo shows the models of the brand IRIDIS SKUs 32754232, 26792021.

The IRIDIS brand presents a wide range of models for changing shoes made of genuine leather that meet all of the above requirements. There are both classic shoes and fashionable models in a sporty style.

Choose more school models for boys and girls in the IRIDIS catalog

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