Which will burn beautifully and for a long time, but at the same time they will not harm health and will not spoil the birthday cake.

Birthday is a special day in the life of every person. And not only the birthday man, but also his parents, relatives, friends, children. This is a kind of starting point, a personal new year.

Birthday is the day when the most secret desires come true, you just have to make them. We all know that the culmination of this holiday is a cake with candles, which is often carried out in the dark, singing the song “Happy Birthday to you”. And no matter how old you are, this sweet tradition does not leave anyone indifferent.

But how to choose the very candles for the cake?

The assortment of shops offers a choice of thousands of different types of candles.

The most common and versatile design is the classic straight cylindrical cake candles, they can vary in color, as well as in thickness and in the number of pieces in the set. The number of candles on the cake can be set according to the age of the birthday person or as desired. A cake decorated with candles looks very festive.

But the candle numbers are chosen strictly in accordance with the age of the hero of the occasion. Figures may vary in height, color and decor.

There are also musical candles for the cake, which usually cause a lot of emotions in birthday people, especially in children. A musical candle for a cake can be used as the only decorative element or in combination with classic candles.

There are also fountain candles, they look very interesting and festive, but they should be used with extreme caution.

Inscription candles are also often used in combination with other types of candles. The most popular are the inscription «happy birthday», «happy birthday», «happy anniversary».

There are also fountain candles, they look very interesting and festive, but they should be used with extreme caution.

And still it is possible to allocate toppers. These are such decorations — cake figurines, which can also be used simultaneously in other cake decor.

And a few important things to pay attention to when choosing candles for the cake.

1. When buying candles, pay attention to whether candle holders are included in the set. Candles will be more convenient to install on the cake if they are placed in a special pointed tip.

2. Do not forget to pay attention to the manufacturer. Beware of low-quality candles from unknown brands.

3. Choose candles according to the size of the dessert. For small pastries or cakes, small candles are suitable, for volumetric cakes, both classic and large candles are suitable.

In any case, whatever candles you choose, do not forget to enjoy the holiday!

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