How to choose the right bikes for sports?


Women’s cycling shorts are not just an ideal ally for gym, fitness, Pilates or yoga, tennis or cycling, but also a comfortable and fashionable piece of clothing in everyday life. But we will talk about how to choose bikes for sports. They need to be chosen, taking into account such criteria as support, material, transparency. Check it out to make the right choice. Criteria for choosing the right bikes: Level of support. Sports cycling shorts should be very soft and comfortable. When used for stretching or Pilates, they should not compress the waist while still providing good support. Cropped leggings for cardio or strength training should provide higher compression to increase blood circulation. And also guarantee good support.

We advise you to choose bike shorts with a high waist and a good supportive belt that will be located above the hips. Thanks to this belt, the pants will not slip during training. They will also make it easier to run and jump. For Pilates or stretching, you can choose high or low waist bike shorts, depending on your preference. Prefer a slim fit? Choose pants with a high waist and a wide belt. The effect of a flat stomach is guaranteed! Material. For yoga or any other health-improving sports practice that requires less physical effort (stretching, Pilates), choose natural materials such as cotton. If your workouts are intense, opt for lightweight synthetic materials that allow your body to breathe. Spandex, polyester or polyamide are ideal for wicking away sweat and keeping you dry during cardio or running. Your gym shorts should also contain elastane to make them comfortable to move in. The materials these pants are made of are specially designed to effectively wick away sweat so that nothing distracts you from your workout. The material should be pleasant to the body, not crack, and did not lose its properties after repeated washing. Transparency. There is nothing more annoying than sports leggings that show through your underwear while exercising at the gym. In order not to worry about this while doing squats, make sure you choose sweatpants with a tight weave. Don’t rely on color alone! Dark fabrics can also be sheer if they are too thin. Care instructions. In most cases, sports bike shorts can be washed in the washing machine. Select a gentle program at 30°C to avoid damaging the product. Synthetic shorts do not need to be ironed. Just let them air dry! High-waisted cycling shorts are a win-win option and a must-have in your wardrobe. You will enjoy wearing them for the following reasons. Suitable for all body types: short or tall, slim or curvy — the high waist adapts to the curves of the figure and emphasizes the silhouette. Flat Stomach Effect: The high waist features a high belt that reaches to the navel. She hugs the stomach, wraps around the hips, thins and lengthens the figure. The anatomical cut ensures a perfect fit and flatters your curves. Keeps you private: The high waistband covers your lower back so you don’t have to worry about anything while bending over. Matching: The big advantage is that you can match all types of tops with them, such as tank tops, T-shirts, sports tops or stylish crop tops. Cropped bike shorts can be worn at home with long T-shirts, men’s shirts. In cold weather, just add a sweater and the look will be not only stylish, but also homely. Feel the freedom of movement with our bike shoes art 70780628 in any exercise — from barbell squats to walking lunges.


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