Is the belt as simple as we think? I’m sure every man has a belt in his wardrobe, but what role does it really play? Is the belt part of the outfit or is it just there to hold up the pants?

Dress pants, jeans, chinos, khakis, or any other pants should not fall off when worn without a belt. Both a business suit and any pants should be matched to your physique and complexion. A belt is, for the most part, a means of enriching your look, image. The function of restraining the pants so that they do not fall off is secondary.

Black shoes — black belt; brown shoes — brown belt.

A belt, perhaps, is not the thing that is worth spending money on, unlike a suit, shoes and watches. However! Belts made from cheap, poorly made leather stretch and crack after a short period of use. Especially if you like to tighten your belt tighter.

Types of men’s belts

The belt is not only an accessory that emphasizes the status and delicate taste of its owner, but also a necessary item of men’s clothing. All belts that exist today can be divided into three groups — sports, for everyday wear and classic.

Classic men’s belt
According to some beliefs, you can not wear a belt with a classic business suit. It is a fact. However, in my humble opinion, using a belt fills in the missing link (line if you will) between shirt and pants. So whether to use a belt in a formal dress code or not, try to decide for yourself.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a quality belt, you should know that these leather men’s accessories are cut off along the edge. At the same time, leatherette products are turned inside and stitched along the edge. A leather belt always consists of two parts connected to each other during a pressing process.

When buying a leather accessory, you should pay attention to the quality of pressing and the ability of the material to stretch. If the belt practically does not stretch, then some inconvenience will be felt during its operation. You should also not buy a leather product that stretches as if it were made of rubber. Such a belt quickly deforms and loses its original appearance.

The ideal option is a belt whose maximum stretch does not exceed 2 cm.

Casual (casual) men’s belt
Casual belts, or belts for casual style, are much more varied than classic belts. You are not tied to the form and traditions, so you have more freedom of color, style, material from which the belt is made. As for the buckle, it is also larger than the usual classic to look harmonious with jeans or chinos. The buckle mechanism is also varied. In addition to the simple open buckle, there are anchor buckles on the back or clip buckles. The latter, as a rule, are used on fabric belts, otherwise the leather will quickly deteriorate. The same applies to the belt buckle, but wearing the inscription «I Love Rock-n-Roll» or something like that is still not worth it.

Braided belts are very popular. They are versatile and great for casual style, hinting at individuality and making you stand out in any company, rest assured!

Sports belt
A little about sports. A sports belt can be made of rubber, rubber or fabric. It is appropriate only when wearing sportswear or jeans. Moreover, in the second case, the belt should be hidden under a T-shirt or sweater. Such a belt says little about a business or casual style, so we will not dwell on it, but leave a detailed story at the mercy of sports blogs and websites.

As a conclusion

Having given a considerable amount of money for a quality product, you expect the belt to last you as long as possible. Indeed, a solid belt can be worn for more than one season, but you must also remember that each product has its own care instructions, which should be followed. Also remember the simple rules to follow:

— Belts made of leather should be stored hanging (having fastened them on a hanger by the buckle) in a dry and cool place. In other cases, the belt is stored in a twisted form.

— Do not test the belt for strength by exposing it to high temperatures. That is, do not dry it near the battery or in the sun.

— It is not recommended to use plastic bags as storage for belts, as they may affect the color of the product.

— If you suddenly need to clean your leather belt, never use alcohol or alcohol-containing products, as well as oily liquids for this purpose. Use a simple soap solution.

— To restore the belt to its original shine, polish it with a soft cloth dampened with a shoe polish.

By following these simple conditions, you can purchase an excellent, high-quality and stylish accessory that will last you a long time and brighten up your look.

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