How to choose the right band size for your Apple Watch

If you’re looking to buy a band for your Apple Watch, you’ll need to consider your wrist size and available band options to find the best fit. Silicone strap for Apple Watch has several sizes.

You can try on an Apple Watch strap if there’s an Apple retail store nearby, but if you’re ordering straps online, you’ll need to measure your wrist to get the correct size.

Wrist measurement

When choosing a strap for your Apple Watch, you must first measure your wrist. If you have a fabric tape measure handy, you can wrap it around your wrist to determine the strap size.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist and fix the length of your wrist. Then you need to measure the fixed length using a regular tape measure or ruler.

Make sure you’re using a string or measuring tape that doesn’t have elasticity so you can’t stretch it, which could cause a measurement error. If you don’t have such a tool, it’s best to use a narrow piece of paper.

When taking these measurements, make sure that the tape measure, string, or paper fits snugly around your wrist and does not slip. For all Apple Watch bands, you need a snug fit that will hold your Apple Watch to your skin for the sensors to work.

Apple Watch Sizes

Apple offers watches in several sizes. For those with narrow wrists, Apple Watch Series 1, 2 or 3 with a display size of 38/40/41mm is more suitable. For those with a wider wrist, the 4, 5, 6, 7, SE series models with a case size of 42/44/45 mm are more suitable.

While only 40mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 45mm display sizes are currently available for purchase, Apple Watch straps are also compatible with older 38mm and 42mm models, as strap compatibility has remained unchanged since 2015.

Sports strap

The Apple Watch Sport Band is an adjustable silicone band. It is available in two sizes to fit smaller and larger Apple Watch models. Because this strap has holes for an adjustable fit, you just need to make sure the size range below fits your wrist size.

We supply sport straps in S/M or M/L sizes, so you will get an extra item with a sport strap.

Size S/M fits wrists up to 210mm wide.

Size M/L fits wrists up to 240mm wide.

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