A bicycle gives its owner much more than just freedom of movement. This is sports, meditation, and convenient transportation — all at once. Beginners and even experienced cyclists often make mistakes when buying, because of which cycling is not fun.

Designate a budget
It’s not worth saving on a bike, because not only comfort, but also riding safety depends on the build quality and materials. The cost of a good bicycle for adults starts from 15,000 ₽. Double suspensions will cost at least 23,000 ₽. Of course, you can find cheaper models, but they are usually equipped with low-quality attachments, so they require frequent repairs and adjustments. Cheap bikes have ill-conceived geometry, so they are uncomfortable to ride.
Bicycles in different price categories differ from each other in certain indicators. Models from 15,000 to 20,000 ₽ have a solid aluminum frame, suspension fork, at least 18 gears, mechanical disc brakes. Models from 20,000 to 60,000 ₽ have improved front suspension, some have hydraulic disc brakes, lighter wheels and tires. Finally, models costing from 60,000 to 120,000 rubles are equipped with lighter and more technologically advanced aluminum frames, an advanced suspension system, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Further, prices go to infinity and depend on the overall level of suspension, as well as on the technologies invested in the frame, and on the very material from which it is made — titanium or carbon.

Check your height and weight
Before buying, you need to measure your height, which could well have changed since the last measurements. The taller you are, the larger the frame you need. Different manufacturers may have different sizes, but you can focus on the universal.

Once you have found a suitable model, it is worth checking it out. To do this, you need to stand so that the top tube of the frame is between your legs. There should be at least 10 cm left to the groin area. This is necessary so that you do not get injured during an unsuccessful maneuver or sudden braking.

If you are overweight, it is better to take a reinforced mountain hardtail, a cruiser or an advanced city bike, as they are able to withstand a greater load. The same models are suitable if you are going to install a child seat.

Decide where and how you will ride
Think in advance how often and on what terrain you will drive. If you are going to get on a bike to get to work, ride along the promenade or the park, you should choose the usual urban model.
The standard walking model features an upright seating position, which eases the load on the arms and back. Often such a bike has an open frame, which allows you to stop at traffic lights without any problems. It should be borne in mind that a touring bike usually does not have a shock absorber, so riding on uneven surfaces is not very comfortable.

Folding bikes
One of the varieties of urban models is a folding bicycle or a bicycle with a solid frame on cast wheels. It does not take up much space, you can use public transport with it. Another option is a cruiser: it is suitable for a leisurely comfortable ride.
For training and good coverage, a road bike is suitable. This is a great option for those who play sports, want to travel long distances and maybe compete on asphalt. Road bikes are light and fast.

A mountain bike is for those who plan to ride off-road. Its main advantage is versatility. It is suitable for both the city and rough terrain. Such a bike has one or two shock absorbers, wide wheels with a developed tread and a speed switch — there are usually at least 18 of them.

If you want a versatile bike, go for a hybrid or gravel bike. These models combine the capabilities of mountain and road bikes. The hybrid has a lightweight frame and strong, lightweight wheels that allow you to ride on gravel. The gravel has a more elongated frame and a horizontal landing, which allows it to develop high speed.

Races and stunts require either a BMX or a discipline-specific bike. These models are designed exclusively for extreme sports, so they are very different from the rest both in price and in appearance.

Test the bike
Bike testing is an important part of the buying process, but it can be the most difficult. Even if you drive through the store, you won’t get a chance to fully appreciate the brakes, derailleur, agility or comfort.

For a full test, you need an open area. There are several ways to arrange such a test. The easiest is to find your favorite model from friends. More difficult is to convince the store employees to let you ride your bike, for example, in the parking lot.
For the test, be sure to dress the way you are going to ride your bike. Ask a consultant to adjust the bike for you. The test drive takes at least 15 minutes. During this time, you will check how it feels in the seat, how the model enters corners, whether the transition between speeds is smooth, how quickly the brakes work, and much more.

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