How to Avoid Washing Your Corgi Every Day?


Hello Corgi owners!

What is the best thing about walking with your pet? A lot of positive emotions, long hikes for new adventures or quick runs for 5 minutes, comic wrestling and running errands with a neighbor’s poodle. We all love walks because of how happy our dogs become after them.

But no matter how joyful these moments are, upon arrival home, Corgi cleaning is waiting for us. And this is a tired back, a dirty bath and a corridor, drying a dense undercoat with a hair dryer and a lot of time and effort spent.

How to deal with it? Put on overalls outside and leave all the dirt and water outside the house. But only clothes that are made of waterproof and high-tech materials can really do this.

The DiploDog suits are made from a fabric designed for professional athletes and hikers who need durable, breathable, moisture-wicking clothing.

So the indicator of Moisture resistance and Air permeability of 5000 g / m2 will help you:

— protect Corgi from wet belly, neck, chest;

— wash only paws or wipe them with a damp cloth;

— choose one jumpsuit for many years;

— do not worry that the dog will sweat.

What else is important in overalls? Easy care so you don’t have to wash your overalls instead of your dog. And this is also thought out in the Diplodog overalls. So after a walk, you can wipe the clothes with a damp cloth, rinse out of the shower or send for a quick wash. Easy and simple, and most importantly fast.

Okay, I see, but will the dog be comfortable? We have tried our best to make your pet feel comfortable. We developed patterns that are anatomically suitable specifically for the Corgi and built in a system of tighteners that will allow you to adjust the volume of the overalls in the chest, neck, waist, groin and paws. Your little one may grow, gain or lose weight and it won’t stop him from wearing the romper comfortably.

So what happened? We have designed a waterproof DiploDog overall that is comfortable for Corgi and his owner, made of safe fabric and thoughtful reflective elements that will allow you to save time, effort and not worry about your pet during a walk.

My team and I have invested a lot of time and effort into designing the protection and comfort of your Corgi. Now it’s up to you.


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