Spring is a time, on the one hand, of prosperity, on the other hand, the forces of the body are already depleted during the long winter. The climatic zones of Russia are diverse, but in fact, there are clearly defined seasons everywhere that set the tone for our daily care.

During the winter, of course, we prepared our skin for spring and summer, and in order not to nullify all efforts, the main thing to do with the first rays of spring is to introduce sun protection creams into our care.

How do you know what level of sun protection (SPF) you need?

— If you spend the working day at the office, then you will need a cream with SPF 15 protection.

— If you spend most of the time outdoors (more than 4 hours), then protection should be increased to 30 SPF.

— If you are going to relax on the beach / sea, then here it is advisable to use the maximum factor of 50+ SPF

(Children under 3 years old are not recommended to sunbathe from the word «completely»! Moms attention !!).

Sun protection is the first thing that should appear on your dressing table in spring! This is a call to those who use SPF only in the summer. Although cosmetologists strongly warn: you need to protect yourself from the sun throughout the year.

In your care you can use: day creams with SPF; sunscreens with SPF (in its pure form SPF); creams that contain natural filters (such as magnolia bark extract). The choice depends only on your preferences.

LUXE HAYAT in the «Precious Black Seed» collection is ready to protect your skin from the sun with the daily «Youth Shake with SPF 15» and BB cream with a natural UV filter.

In the spring, do not rush to immediately switch to only moisturizing and lighter textures. The skin still requires additional dense care, the body is still preparing to receive «fresh» vitamins.

Remember, brushing off your favorite light raincoat, that there is always a lot of dust in spring, especially in cities. This makes the washing procedure more than relevant. Don’t forget to cleanse your face well in the evening! Remember that a good, high-quality cleansing in the evening is the key to healthy and radiant skin in the morning!

Introduce fresh herbs and vegetables into your diet. With the awakening of nature, its pantries open before us: young nettle, quinoa, gout, lungwort, horsetail, wild garlic, oxalis. Almost all of these plants contain a huge amount of vitamin C — a powerful antioxidant.

Such simple steps in relation to your beloved will make your spring beautiful!

Our brand LUXE HAYAT was created in Russia taking into account the diversity of climatic zones of our country, taking into account the skin types of our women, therefore the effectiveness of our creams has already been tested and evaluated by a thousand of our beauties throughout Russia.

Be beautiful


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