Fashionable loafers 2022: which models are in trend in summer and autumn

What loafers will be in trend in summer and autumn 2022? Stylists have collected 8 most fashionable modelsthat will make your images relevant. In the selection there are only stylish and high-quality loafers made of genuine leather.

Loafers with chains

The main loafers of 2022, perhaps, are still with chains. Black loafers with matte chains look stylish, as well as suede loafers with shiny metallic ones — in contrast. Large link decor makes the model catchy and spectacular, while they can be combined with office suits.

Square toe loafers

These, too, are not in fashion for the first season. When deciding which loafers to buy in the new season, pay attention to models with socks in the form of soft squares. The sock can follow the shape of the heel and is accentuated by a protruding seam on the skin. The Reversal collection has summer loafers (with perforation) and more closed autumn ones.

Loafers with thick soles

A massive outsole with a pronounced tread and a welt protruding on the sides is another long-term trend. Modern polyurethane and EVA materials allow you to make a thick sole light so that your feet do not get tired even at the end of the day.

What to wear with tractor-soled loafers? Yes, with anything: with jeans and a loose shirt, with tight trousers and a voluminous short sweater. Brown loafers, for example, look great with corduroy and denim, which will also be in fashion in 2022 and 2023.

Platform loafers

The platform is flatter than a thick tread outsole. Platform loafers look stylish and unusual, resembling creepers or moccasins in silhouette, if the platform thickens slightly towards the heel. These moccasin loafers look relaxed and feminine compared to other models. Wear them with loose summer trousers and breeches, in the heat you can combine them with shorts and a T-shirt. Beige loafers with leather ribbon bows can be worn with a short straight dress in the office.

Loafers with buckle

Large decorative buckles make any pair of shoes a little more retro and a lot more feminine. Opt for skin-tone décor or shiny metal-like décor if you want to make it stand out as much as possible. Buckles can be square, in the form of a snaffle, as well as in the form of letters and monograms. A stylish look will turn out if you wear such loafers with socks, for example, high in a rhombus or translucent with wavy edges.

Minimal loafers

Without decorations, closed and without a heel. Are they male? No, these loafers are for women, or rather, unisex. Ingenious in its simplicity, the model was brought to perfection in the Loro Piana brand, creating a laconic shape with a tongue and a rounded nose.

Loro Piano loafers have inspired many other brands, becoming almost household names like Birkenstocks, Martens and grinders. They are called «loro loafers» and «piano loafers», implying a minimalistic design and a recognizable shape.


Against the backdrop of the popularity of thick soles and oversized silhouettes, elegant shoes look almost a curiosity, but do not forget about them. Loafers for women 2022 can be fashionable with an almost invisible ballet sole. Their advantage is lightness and flexibility, which essential for sensitive feet.

You can combine such models with flying summer sundresses and sheath office dresses. Pair with slim white trousers and a blouse for a modern, Audrey Hepburn-inspired look with bright, thin-soled loafers.

Glamor loafers

Despite the lack of a heel, loafers can be dressy shoes. Choose elegant silhouettes embellished with shiny buckles or silk bows. Genuine leather loafers look presentable, they will stand with dignity the neighborhood with an expensive trouser suit or a straight silk dress.

There are several advantages of flat evening shoes: it is convenient to walk in them after the event, and also not to be taller than your companion if the difference in height does not suit you.

You will find all these trendy loafers in the Reversal catalog. Go and choose!

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