Crib: how to choose the right size bed linen

The size of the bed linen will determine the size of your bed. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake when choosing a set, first measure the length and width of the pillows, blanket and mattress (for the latter, you will also need a height) — and use our tips.

  • The sheet should be four mattress heights longer and as much wider. That is, so that it covers the mattress from all sides and easily tucks under it. Then it will be convenient to refuel. Sometimes another 20 cm in width is added to this difference for a margin.

Keep in mind that the size of a sheet with elastic and without elastic is indicated differently. The size of the sheet without elastic is indicated from edge to edge of the sheet. And in the size of the sheet on the elastic, the width, length and separately the height of the mattress suitable for such a sheet are indicated.

  • The duvet cover should be a few inches longer than the duvet on each side. In this case, the blanket will fit perfectly into the cover. If the difference is too large (more than 5 cm), then the blanket will constantly twist or gather on one side of the duvet cover.

There are two main types of pillows and, accordingly, pillowcases: rectangular — 50×70 cm (they are also called euro) and square 70×70 cm. Unlike sheets and duvet covers, these sizes are well standardized and most manufacturers offer exactly the sizes you need.

Bed linen options

  • Single.Duvet cover, bed sheet and one pillowcase.
  • 1.5 bedroom. Duvet cover, bed sheet and two pillowcases.
  • 2 bedroom.Duvet cover, bed sheet, two or four pillowcases.
  • Euro.Duvet cover, sheet, two or four pillowcases (differs from the double size of the sheet and duvet cover).
  • Family (duet). Two duvet covers, a sheet, two or four pillowcases.

Important! When choosing sets of linen, pay attention not to names like “1.5-bedroom”, “2-bedroom”, “euro”, but to the sizes of the items included in the set, as they may vary depending on the typology of the manufacturer.

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