What business dress code and what is it for?

Literally, the dress code is translated from English (dress code) as a «dress code». The phrase originated in the UK, from where it spread throughout the world.

Dress code is not about wearing a uniform, it is about following a set of specific business rules that must be followed at work. Of course, there is no single list of requirements, each company develops its own. The main thing is that the appearance of employees should correspond to the values ​​of the company, industry or segment, reflect and emphasize business qualities and skills, and not distract attention to catchy details. Dressing in the same style, colleagues feel their involvement in a common cause. And for new employees, the unity of appearance helps to quickly integrate into the team. The dress code creates the right atmosphere in the office and the working mood.

It is worth noting that many people are extremely worried about the business dress code, it seems to them that it can only be made up of classic combinations of white, black and gray colors, which frighten with their dullness. Do not think so — this opinion is long outdated! Excessive formality is a thing of the past, now you can make stylish bows for work. Business attire allows you to look feminine and elegant, while a woman can find different ways to emphasize her individuality.

Women’s business style today is classic models adapted to modern trends, and the acceptable color range is no longer limited to three colors.

Basic dress code rules for women:

1. Refusal of revealing outfits. Neckline and back should be covered.
2. Allowable skirt length is just above the knee, the recommended length is midi.
3. Clothing must be neat and clean.
4. Only concise jewelry and neutral accessories.
5. Lack of bright colors and aggressive prints.
6. Closed shoes (not flip flops, sandals or sandals), you should choose closed classic shoes with heels or low heels.


Women’s business suit is a universal classic. This option is suitable for everyday office work, and for especially important negotiations. You should choose a strict model and style so as not to be distracted from the work process and not to distract colleagues. If you want to be comfortable in a suit even in hot summer, then you should give preference to knitted fabrics.


Textile trousers of almost any style can be attributed to the business style. Here, girls have to rely only on their own taste: wide legs, flared legs, skinny legs, cropped models, high waist, classic, etc.


A skirt is a feminine highlight of a business wardrobe. The right skirt for the office should be midi length or just above the knee. The most popular model is, of course, a pencil skirt. Also, an A-line silhouette, a straight cut or a wrap skirt is suitable for the office.

Among the ILTANI models, by the way, there are many more interesting things! We will help you choose a dress or blouse, pants or skirt, jeans and much more. The main thing is that even in a business environment you will look very beautiful and stylish with ILTANI.

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