Women’s clothing has a huge number of variations! Today we will discuss one of the most popular wardrobe items, which is in the closet of 99.9% of the fair sex — the basic shirt.

How to make your image interesting, bright, extraordinary? Read below!

Method 1. Schrobing.

An interesting foreign word reflects the latest trend of the original, non-trivial way of wearing outerwear. With this method, the women’s shirt coquettishly lowers from the shoulder, exposing it. To give the image even more femininity, you can, in addition, open the shirt or unbutton it to the middle of the belt.

If desired, the summer shirt can be easily converted into an elegant top: drop the shirt from the shoulders and fasten with buttons to the middle of the chest. The hem of the shirt can be tied in a knot or tucked under the belt. The effectiveness of this image is guaranteed!

Method 2. Raise the collar.

In multi-layered looks, the shirt collar raised above the clothes looks stylish and impressive. It doesn’t matter what you wear on top: a blazer, a cardigan, a vest, a jacket… A raised collar will complement any look and make it more strict, businesslike and serious.

Method 3. Roll up the sleeves.

Casual shirts are suitable for creating a variety of stylistic solutions: both business and relaxed looks. The sleeves of such shirts are recommended to be slightly tucked up or lifted. This «trick» allows you to expose a graceful wrist, emphasize the femininity of the lines.

Another fashion trend is to leave the shirt sleeve unbuttoned. Thanks to this nuance, the image will turn out to be more “street” and liberated.

Many shirt models are equipped with a special button on the elbow fold line. By carefully turning up the sleeves and fastening them with a button, you can create a discreet business style and safely send it to the office.

Method 4. Unbutton the buttons at the top and bottom.

Oversized shirts are the perfect solution for relaxed, casual looks. A simple solution will help to emphasize lightness, courage and dynamism: unbutton a couple of buttons at the top and bottom. If desired, you can fasten the shirt with one button in the middle and complement the image with a contrasting or plain top from below. If you want to make the look more elegant and stylish, complement the top with a massive necklace, pendant or a set of chains of different sizes.

Method 5. Tie the shirt hems in a knot.

A girl’s shirt or a women’s summer shirt can easily be transformed into a stylish accessory that never goes out of style. It is enough to tie a shirt in a knot and a spectacular look is ready! The lower part of the bow can be complemented by culottes, wide long skirts, shorts to the knee of a loose fit or a dress. Little fashionistas and teenagers love to wear shirts in this way. After all, it is not only beautiful, but also practical.

Method 6. Fill under the belt.

The trend of recent years — the free wearing of shirts over other clothes does not lose its relevance. However, many women of fashion also prefer the classic version, tucking a shirt into trousers or a skirt. This method is suitable if you need to create a business look or wear a shirt under a classic suit. If you want lightness, airiness and extra volume on top, tuck in an oversized shirt and let it out a little at the waistline. The image will be original and spectacular.

Another non-trivial option: tuck the shirt only in front, leaving the back part free, or tuck only one floor under the belt. In this form, shirts are preferred by those who love the freedom of lines, lightness, audacity and originality of the image. If you want to hide the imperfections of the figure, also pay attention to these bows.

Method 7. Purchase a set of basic shirts in several colors and styles.

It has long been known that creating a basic wardrobe does not require a lot of investment and a huge amount of clothing. It is enough to purchase a couple of models that are in harmony in color, style and texture of the fabric. If we talk about shirts, then pay attention to the following options that can be perfectly combined with absolutely everything in the closet:

— women’s white shirt: something that everyone should have in their wardrobe! A white shirt is suitable for creating classic and casual looks, perfectly complements beach and city sets, goes well with skirts, trousers, shorts, dresses and outerwear of absolutely any color and style. It is important to maintain absolute cleanliness and snow-whiteness of this stylish element of the wardrobe. Otherwise, an elegant and aristocratic image will immediately lose its appeal.

An elongated shirt, like summer clothes, can replace a beach dress or a light cape over a top or swimsuit. And by buttoning up your shirt with buttons and adding a belt, you can immediately go shopping or walking after the beach.

— women’s black shirt. The powerful color energy of a black shirt makes you look at its owner! This basic item is essential for business monochrome looks, evening looks and sporty urban variations. Black complements denim perfectly, pairs perfectly with deep reds and burgundy colors, and also contrasts beautifully with light shades, such as beige or powder. An elongated shirt, a short-sleeved shirt, a summer shirt, a cotton or satin shirt … — from a huge variety of models, you can always choose the one that fits perfectly into your wardrobe!

— women’s shirt in powdery shades. Light, delicate, «tasty» and so feminine — clothes in powdery shades are another must-have element of the wardrobe. Due to their mutedness and neutrality, shirts in such colors perfectly complement a huge number of looks: smart casual, boho, marine, business, etc.

— men’s cut shirts with a large chest pocket are perfectly complemented by shorts, jeans, joggers. They can be worn over a top, dress or sundress, undoing the buttons or tying the floors in a knot.

— classic silhouette shirts are great for business suits, go well with straight or tapered trousers or pencil skirts.

— a women’s shirt, like any other clothing, can look sad and boring, or it can sparkle with new colors with the right accessories and other elements of the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to experiment: create both monochrome and contrasting looks, complement shirts with a belt and voluminous jewelry, combine and enjoy yourself!

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