You need to be able to choose the right items of clothing in order to be on top — to look stylish and attractive.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a wardrobe?

  • Tip 1

Every woman dreams of a beautiful spectacular dress. The best option is a slightly fitted or detachable model with sleeves. The shoulders can remain open, and it is desirable to hide the forearms with flowing graceful sleeves.

  • Tip 2

You can choose a sundress or even a dress with straps, but it makes sense to get a beautiful stylish cape for them. The material of this additional element of the costume can be different: from a transparent thin material or, on the contrary, more dense (velvet, satin), guipure. The choice depends on what the dress itself is made of.

  • Tip 3

Evening version of the dress — a model with a high waist, deep neckline, «maxi» or «midi». Shoes — classic with medium heels.

Dresses — «mini» or dresses with strong relief on the figure of a plump woman do not always look aesthetically pleasing. To emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws, you should approach the choice of wardrobe seriously, especially the choice of dresses.

  • Tip 4

A good solution for curvy women would be to choose an outfit in cool dark shades. Pastel colors are a risky choice, as they greatly weight the silhouette, creating a “marshmallow effect”.

A great choice — bright colors: juicy green, deep blue, fatal red and elegant purple. Large prints, especially along the side edges of the suit, can visually increase the dimensions.

  • Tip 5

The silhouette can be visually made more slender, using tricky tricks that create the effect of lengthening the silhouette. These are stylish additional accessories: buckles on the waistline, asymmetric clasps, beautiful shawls and scarves, beads, chains. The same property (stretching the silhouette) is possessed by deep V-shaped necklines, wrap dresses, slats, vertical prints.

  • Tip 6

Layered fluffy skirts, blouses with trains are not an option for full ladies. Do not choose massive jewelry and accessories.

The right dress is the key to a successful publication in any case!

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