Women’s trench coat: how to choose and what to wear with a fashionable raincoat?


Trench coat is an indispensable companion for cool weather. It perfectly protects from rain and wind. Such a raincoat should be in the wardrobe of every woman, because it is combined with any clothes. For example, when worn with jeans and sneakers, you get a comfortable option for every day, and when combined with a dress and high heels, you will create a sophisticated feminine look. KALYAEV tells how to choose the right basic thing for any occasion.

1. Choose a model

• The classic model features a medium length with a double-breasted closure and two-row buttons. Of the details: belt, cuffs on the sleeves, turn-down collar, yoke, shoulder straps and a slit at the back. Prints can be a highlight: a cage, a strip, or geometric patterns.

• A leather coat is suitable for bold fashionistas. The style is both straight and fitted. Choice of colors: black, burgundy, blue, purple.

• Oversized is a good option for those who want to hide figure flaws and still look stylish. Casual shape will appeal to lovers of casual style.

• Asymmetric trench coats will be appreciated by brave girls. Uneven bottom lines, sewn on pockets at an angle or unusual buttons — you will immediately become noticeable in it!

2. We select the color and length

The color of the trench coat can be any. Beige is suitable for women of all ages. Black, shades of gray and khaki are also considered universal.

Young girls will like bright colors: yellow, crimson or blue. They will make the image bold and defiant.

Animal colors are perfect for everyday wardrobe. The main rule is that all other things in the kit should be neutral shades.

As for the length of the raincoat, there are no specific recommendations for choosing, but still it is worth considering the features of the female figure. Cropped trench coats should be worn with trousers or jeans. The midi length is suitable for almost any set of clothes, but the maxi version is for tall girls.

3. Determine what to wear

A well-chosen trench coat will complement any look:

• For a business style, a good choice would be a combination with a strict dress, or with a trouser suit. From accessories — a large bag and pumps.

• If you prefer a skirt, then choose a classic or pleated knee-length model.

• A white or black T-shirt is suitable as a top, as well as a blouse made of smooth dense fabric, such as satin.

• In everyday life, the raincoat looks great with jeans, sweatshirts, T-shirts and dresses. Any shoes will do: sneakers, ballet flats, boots or loafers. The main thing is to be comfortable.

• Bags choose medium, cross-body, or original small. If there are sneakers in the image, then you can take a backpack.

• In cool weather, for an evening look, a trench coat can be thrown over an elegant dress or a long jumpsuit made of light, flowing fabric.

• Jewelry is welcome, such as long earrings.

• Sandals with heels and a clutch will complete the romantic look. With a trench coat in your wardrobe, you can always look classy. It can be easily combined with any outfit. If you use different accessories, then the number of stylish bows will increase. You might think it’s magic! But no, every woman can learn this.


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