What should be your ideal backpack: useful tips for choosing an accessory

For a long time, backpacks were considered an attribute of schoolchildren, athletes and hikers. But everything has changed — this accessory has firmly entered everyday life. Now it is worn both with an office dress code and with elegant dresses. Today we will tell you what you need to pay attention to when choosing an accessory so as not to be disappointed.Each of us at least once saw leather backpacks on familiar girls and just passers-by. Such an accessory is convenient not only for its capacity — it is quite easy to combine it with a large number of looks. Jeans and T-shirt, office dress code or dress — the right backpack will look great with almost any outfit. So what should you pay attention to?

  • The size. Think about what you carry with you all the time. Remember that no backpack will look stylish if it is filled to the top with things. If the list of everyday things includes a pen, a phone and a diary, pay attention to miniature models. If a cosmetic bag, gloves, a bottle of water and printed documents are added to this, it is worth taking a closer look at more capacious options.
  • Color a backpack should be versatile, because such things are worn much longer than clothes and should be combined with a large number of looks. If you now prefer red shades, it is absolutely not necessary to choose a backpack of this particular tone. Perhaps next season your tastes will change.
  • Avoid overly bright colors. On the one hand, such accessories attract attention, on the other hand, they get bored very quickly and are difficult to combine. Give preference to rich, but calmer shades.

    • Material. Now there are a lot of options for products made of artificial leather and leatherette — from the most budgetary “one-season” to high-quality ones. But not a single substitute can be compared in terms of practicality and wear with natural material. Naturally, genuine leather backpacks are more expensive, but in the end they will be more profitable — if you do not plan to buy a new accessory every year, you should invest in a quality item that will please you for a long time and not lose its appearance after a rainy autumn or frosty winter.
    • Accessories. What could be worse than a suddenly broken zipper or a lock, which you can open on the tenth attempt (search for keys in winter becomes a particularly exciting attraction, isn’t it)? When choosing a backpack, pay attention to the zipper — it should not jam. Do not think that over time something will change — only if for the worse. The material from which the zipper tongue, buttons and decorative fittings are made is another important point for those who do not want to be upset after a month of wearing because of a peeling coating or oxidized parts. It makes no sense to memorize all reliable and unreliable alloys in this regard, but there is one universal advice: try to choose products with branded fittings. As a rule, these batches are made to order and the quality is much higher than standard.

    • The straps of the backpack should be comfortably adjustable and fit you in length. Be sure to keep in mind that you will wear the accessory not only with light, but also with voluminous clothes — in this case, you need a margin in length.

    Now you know what to look for when choosing a backpack. Looks like it’s time to take action! St. Petersburg brand Afina produces excellent and versatile backpacks made of genuine leather — we are sure that you will find the accessory of your dreams!

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