Do not rush to throw away your coat because of the spools that have formed, do not scold your beloved cat for scratching the back of the sofa upholstery again. You should not order expensive dry cleaning of carpets if the turbo brush of the vacuum cleaner cannot cope with the hair and wool on the carpet and rug.

Does your favorite warm tracksuit leave spools on your underwear? Have you stopped taking your dog on trips because the entire interior of the car is covered in wool?

We know how to help you!

Brush — scraper to remove animal hair, hair, pellets, pile, cleaning clothes, car interior will solve all of the above problems!

This unpretentious design of a laconic wooden handle that fits comfortably in the hand and a metal work surface that is easy to rinse with running water forms a unique cleaning device that easily, effortlessly, without pressure, collects debris that home vacuum cleaners cannot handle.

The scraper can be used as a clothes brush. It will renew a coat covered with unpleasant spools, collect fluff and pile, return the original look to warm suits and get rid of internal spools. But we must warn you, the brush is a scraper Do not use on delicate and loopy fabrics!

Brush — scraper better than any sticky roller will collect wool and lint from sofas, beds, armchairs and even car seats. With a couple of light movements, you will clean the surface of fluff from outerwear, fur coats, and collect your own hair.

Summing up, we note that the brush is a scraper universal device for removing wool, pile, spools, cleaning clothes, furniture, car interior. A brush-scraper is a budgetary way to keep your apartment, car and furniture clean and comfortable, which you buy once and use for a long time.

Brush — scraper is an indispensable item in the household and great gift for pet owners.

You can buy it in our store, on favorable terms.

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