Urban backpack — a stylish addition to your look

Have you noticed how every year more and more simplicity and convenience can be traced in fashion? This applies not only to clothes and shoes, but also accessories. For example, we are increasingly seeing fashionistas with shopper bags, as well as simple sports backpacks. Why are they so good?

Backpack Benefits

Absolutely everything will fit in the bag. Textbooks, sportswear, laptop, documents, cosmetic bag, snacks, whatever. There will also be room for various little things: keys, lipstick, money. The volume of the backpack is 25 liters. An ordinary bag with such a capacity will not cope. And another important advantage is the light weight of the backpack. Only 450 gr. Where else will you find this? When sewing a backpack, a strong and durable fabric is used — cationic. It does not fade, does not wash out and has a water-repellent impregnation. The backpack itself is stitched reinforced with thread, which also makes it more durable and able to withstand heavy loads. The shoulder straps, bottom and back are reinforced with foam for even more durability.

Backpack as hand luggage. Very convenient and practical. Everything you need is at your fingertips. We flew and appreciated this comfort. You can try it on such airlines as Pobeda, Ural Airlines, S7.

Universal Accessory

But the best thing is that the backpack suits absolutely everyone and any wardrobe. It will be an excellent school backpack for both a boy and a girl. Suitable for mum on maternity leave or teenagers.Universal colors: black, green and purple. They look great with jeans and a leather jacket. With a loose coat. Or in a more sporty style — jeans and a sweatshirt. It is comfortable, simple and stylish at the same time.

Mandatory Care

In order for the backpack to always look presentable, it needs high-quality care. Can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate setting at 30 degrees. Soaking and bleaching is not recommended. Having considered all the advantages of a tourist backpack, and there are a lot of them, we can conclude that backpacks will settle in our wardrobe and in our hearts for a long time.

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